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Civic Groups

This webpage is intended to assist those neighborhoods that do not have a civic group to create and sustain a civic group as well as to connect residents and homeowners with the civic groups that represent their neighborhoods by providing contact information for civic groups within the city of Richmond. The groups listed are organized into three types: Neighborhood GroupsCommunity Garden Groups, and Parks Groups.

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The contact information provided is supplied by the civic groups themselves and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all active civic groups within the city. To obtain information related to meeting dates, times and locations of a particular group, please contact that group directly.

If you are not sure which group represents your neighborhood, you can find it using the map above.

Your neighborhood may not have a civic group. If this is the case, and you would like to learn more about neighborhood organization; you can download the Richmond’s Guide to Neighborhood Organization (Guía para la Organización de Vecindarios en Richmond).

Please note that some of the groups listed may no longer be active. If you are the primary contact person for your group and the information provided below is incorrect or your group is not listed, please contact or 804-646-6704.

4000 Crutchfield
Sarah Turner, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 306-5919

Adams Park
Homeowners Association

CEAT Blackwell, President
4231 Bathgate Road
Richmond, VA 23234-3587
(804) 271-0424

Admiral Gravely
Homeowners Association

Angela Roane
905 Old Denny Street
Richmond, VA 23231-1306
(804) 226-4175

Civic Association

Evelyn Wiggins, President
P.O. Box 27983
Richmond, VA 23261-7983

Battery Park
Civic Association

Michelle Brown Harris, President
Richmond, VA 23222-3507
(804) 405-3271

Civic Association

Benjamin Leonard, President
P.O. Box 24962
Richmond, VA 23224-0962
(804) 231-2732

Civic Association

Tim Pfohl, President
Shari Perago, Vice President
P.O. Box 15623
Richmond, VA 23227-5623

Merchants Association

Chris Rich, President
P.O. Box 15362
Richmond, VA 23227-5362
(804) 262-3477

Blackwell Historic Community
Civic Association

Dana Sally-Allen, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 928-8475

Bluffs Condominium
Unit Owners' Association

Becky Accashian, President
3103 Stony Point Road, Apt A
Richmond, VA 23235
(804) 314-5277

Civic Association

Shawne Hammett, President
3717 Birdwood Road
Richmond, VA 23234
(704) 898-0166

Brookland Park
Area Business Association

Willie Hilliard, President
10 East Brookland Park Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23222-2710
(804) 852-7463

Byrd Park
Civic League

Paul Serignese, President
Richmond, VA

Civic Association

Paige Quilter, President
Christina Draper, Vice President
P.O. Box 7435
Richmond, VA 23221-0435

Carver Area Civic
Improvement League

Jerome Legions, President
1009 Catherine Street
Richmond, VA 23220-3109
(804) 439-1309

Carytown Merchants

Heather Holub, President
3126 West Cary Street
Suite 715
Richmond, VA 23221-3504

Carytown South
Neighborhood Association

John Spacek, President
Keith Toth, Vice President
114 South Colonial Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221

Chamberlayne Industrial
Center Association

Alesa Hemenway, Secretary
Richmond, VA

Cherokee Area Neighbors
Honorable John P Girardi, President
9009 Cherokee Road
Richmond, VA 23235-1413
(804) 334-2527

Cherry Gardens
Robert Harris, President
3215 Delano Street
Richmond, VA 23234-1528
(804) 231-0011

Cheyenne Area

Ele Bigger, President
4000 Cheyenne Road
Richmond, VA 23235-1224
(804) 393-5803

Church Hill
Association of RVA

Hannah Zaino, President
P.O. Box 8031
Richmond, VA 23223-0031

Church Hill Central
Civic Association

Creighton Court
Tenants Council

Marilyn Olds, President
2100 Creighton Road
Unit B
Richmond, VA 23223-4642
(804) 780-0498

Civic Association

Kenneth Gibson, President
3167 Cullenwood Drive
Richmond, VA 23234-1642
(804) 230-6438
(804) 240-9504
(703) 693-2351

Davee Gardens Civic Association
Dorothy Thornton, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 230-0392

Civic Association

Jean Johnson, President
Richmond, VA

Neighborhood Association

Anthony Bryant, President
P.O. Box 12456
Richmond, VA 23241-0456

Civic League

Allison Davis, President
1707 Spotsylvania Street
Richmond, VA 23223-3843
(804) 247-1935

Edgehill Chamberlayne Court
Civic Association

Anne Darby, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 437-0653

Fairfield Court
Tenants Council

JoAnne Towles
Richmond, VA
(804) 551-8595

Fairmount Neighborhood

Fan Area
Business Alliance

Tricia Bryant, President
Richmond, VA

Fan District

Rebecca Keller, President
208 North Strawberry Street
Richmond, VA 23220-3411

Civic Association

Thomas Barnes, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 869-0215


Richmond, VA

Forest Hill
Neighborhood Association

Greg Somerville, President
Christine Waldron, Vice President
1021 Hioaks Rd
Richmond, VA 23225
(703) 862-7731

Forest Hill-Bliley Road
Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Pam Jewell, Vice President
P.O. Box 8981
Richmond, VA 23225-0681
(804) 229-5620

Forest View
Civic Association

Richmond, VA
Koren Lew
Laura Posthumus

Gilpin Court
Tenants Council

Annie Mahdee, President
1116 Saint Peter Street
Richmond, VA 23220-2424
(804) 225-8604

Ginter Park
Residents Association

Melody Imburg, President
P.O. Box 25374
Richmond, VA 23260-5374

Stephen Weisensale, AIA, CSI
Chair, GPRA Planning & Zoning Committee

Ginter Park
Terrace Association

Benjamin Ross, President
3007 Noble Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222-2525
(804) 240-3559

Civic Association

Meredith Green, President

Granite Area
Civic Association

Philip Dean
Richmond, VA
(804) 614-5844

Greater Fulton Civic Association
Chuck D'Aprix
Cortney Cornwall, Vice President 
P.O. Box 38112
Richmond, VA 23221-0912

Greater Oxford
Civic Association

Alison Berry, President
P.O. Box 3881
Richmond, VA 23235-7881
(703) 867-4637

Greater Scott’s Addition Association
Rob Long, President
Richmond, VA

Greater Woodstock Area
Civic Association

Tom Larkin, President
636 Newkirk Drive
Richmond, VA 23224-1616
(804) 233-6256

Green Park
Civic Association

Jeanne Boisineau, President
Joyce Knight, Vice President
1104 Fourqurean Lane
Richmond, VA 23222-3815
(804) 310-7822
(804) 228-1827

Grove Crest Colonial
Place Civic Association
Lee Ann Ruby, President
4505 Stuart Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221-1832
(804) 651-9281

Hampton Gardens

Eliza Branch
313 Roslyn Road
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 937-6812

Hathaway Tower

Mary Kay Wakefield
2956 Hathaway Road, Unit 1110
Richmond, VA 23225-1724
(804) 513-4132

Hermitage Road Historic
District Association

Robert Balster, President
Richmond, VA

Highland Park Plaza
Civic Association

Theresa Jefferson, Secretary
3500 Delaware Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222-2915
(804) 321-1435

Hillcrest Civic Association
Barbara Gaden, President
Heidi Robertson, Secretary/Treasurer

Hillside Court
Tenants Council

Patrice Shelton
Richmond, VA
(804) 289-0167

Historic Blackwell
Neighborhood Association

Tia Redd, President
Richmond, VA

Historic Jackson Ward

Janis Allen, President
P.O. Box 26137
Richmond, VA 23260-6137
(312) 848-0196

Historic Monument Avenue
Michael Lantz, President
2336 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220-2604

Historic West Grace Street Association
Juliette Landphair, President
Elizabeth Dorman, Vice President
Richmond, VA

Hobby Hill
Civic Association

Brenda Levy
Richmond, VA
(804) 323-1480

Huguenot Farms
Area Association

Nicholas Valdrighi
Richmond, VA

Huguenot Farms
Civic Association

Alison Garritt, President
P.O. Box 3541
Richmond, VA 23235-7541

Hull Street Action
Sheri Shannon
Charlie Westbrook
Preston Page
Richmond, VA

James River Commons
Property Owners Association,

Deborah O. Fisk, President
3433 West Point Court
Richmond, VA 23235-1994
(804) 641-1655
(804) 222-3889

Jefferson Terrace
Civic Association

Larry Hedgepeth, President
4024 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230-3930
(804) 358-1879


Richmond, VA 23221-2511

Lake Cherokee

Debra Schneider
4266 Cheyenne Road
Richmond, VA 23235-1228
(804) 839-7935

Libbie, Granite & Westview
Neighborhood Association

Barrett Clark
Richmond, VA
(804) 241-4734

Homeowners Association

Kathleen Reid, President
Jim Herring, Community Group
3901 Westerre Parkway
Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23233-1341
(804) 727-3595

Malvern Gardens
Civic Association

Stan Craig
Richmond, VA
(804) 514-1256

Manchester Alliance
Janet Woodka, President
Richmond, VA

Martin's Grant

Aaron Goodman,
Community Head
4912 West Broad Street
Suite 204
Richmond, VA 23230-3126
(804) 359-2895

Civic League

Mark Brandon, President
1701 Hampton Street
Richmond, VA 23220-6818
(804) 402-5951
(804) 358-4579

Monument Avenue Park
Civic Association

Phil Riddle, President
Richmond, VA

Mosby Court
Tenants Council

Patricia Williford
Aquanette Scott
Richmond, VA
(804) 663-8131
(804) 218-5933

Murchies Mill
Civic Association

Brian White, Chair
3610 South Belmont Road
Richmond, VA 23234-2914
(804) 276-5893

Museum District

Janine Doyle, President
P.O. Box 7186
Richmond, VA 23221-0186

New Visions
Civic League of East End

Paul Granger, President

Newtowne West

Samantha Charlet, President
Stephanie Pittrell, Secretary
Richmond, VA

North Barton Heights Civic Association
Karen Link-Aaron, President
2906 Barton Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222-3708
(804) 467-3799

North Central
Civic Association

Brittiany Dubose, Co-President
Zach Hanson, Co-President
3308 North Ave
Richmond, VA 23222-2612
(804) 655-8825

North Highland Park Civic Association
Tamara Barker 

Oak Grove
Civic Association

Barbara Starkey-Goode, President of Oak Grove Civic Association
2109 Gordon Avenue
Richmond, VA 23224-6825
(804) 232-2105

Oak Grove Neighborhood Association
Charles Snellings, President

Oregon Hill
Neighborhood Association

Bryan Clark Green, President
420 South Pine Street
Richmond, VA 23220-6241

Owl Orchard

James McDonald, President
811 West 44th Street
Richmond, VA 23225-4622
(804) 909-8198


Thomas A. Lisk
612 West Franklin Street, Unit 1-A
Richmond, VA 23220-4111
(804) 714-6915

Providence Park
Civic Association

Everett Gray, President
P.O. Box 6142
Richmond, VA 23222-0142

Neighborhood Association

1415 Grayland Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220-6002

Renaissance Senior Citizens Association
Elizabeth Taylor, President
P.O. Box 2584
Richmond, VA 23260-5584
(804) 909-4346

Richmond Highway
Civic Association

Charles Willis, President
3016 Berwyn Street
Richmond, VA 23234-1702
(804) 399-1111

Robinson Street

Jonathan Knopf, President
203 North Robinson Street
Richmond, VA 23220-4018
(804) 615-8869

Civic Association

Grady Hart, President
1901 West Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227-4314

Saratoga Area
Neighborhood Association

Gene Winter
4400 Saratoga Road
Richmond, VA 23235-1264
(804) 330-5427

Sauer's Garden
Civic Association

Jeannine Panzera Younts, President
4316 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230-3841

Sherwood Park
Civic Association

Yvette Conte - Sherwood Park Communications
Facebook: Sherwood Park Civic Association 


Charles Macfarlane
1555 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219-3633

Citizens Association

Richmond, VA

Southern Barton Heights
Community Association

Anthony Hilton, President
2101 Miller Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222-4339
(804) 306-5749

Springhill Neighborhood Association
Jason Hendricks
603 W 19th St
Richmond, VA 23225

Civic Association

Deanna Griffin, President
Richmond, VA
(804) 350-1633

Stonewall Court Civic Association
McKenzie Woodard, President

Summer Hill
Unit Owner's

9520 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, VA 23235-6881
(804) 320-8312
(804) 278-3005

Neighborhood Association

Augustine Doe, President
Richmond, VA
(757) 636-2373

Swansboro West Civic Association
Denise Payne, President
52 East 32nd Street
Richmond, VA 23224
(804) 754-5400

Traylor Estates
Civic Association

Eric Trout, President
Richmond, VA

The Tuckahoe

Debbie Fifer, Landmark Property Services Managing Agent
James Graves, Site Supervisor
5621 Cary Street Road
Richmond, VA 23226-2306
(804) 288-9410

Tuckahoe Terrace
Civic Association

Kirkland Hagerty, President

Union Hill
Civic Association

Ryan Kolb, President
2010 Princess Anne Avenue
Richmond, VA 23223-7248

Upper Reservoir Civic Association
Amelia Lightner, President

The Uptown Association
c/o Johannas Design Group 
1901 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA, 23220

Washington Park
Civic Association

Brenda Nichols, President
3912 Moss Side Ave
Richmond, VA 23222-1139
(804) 321-2718

West Avenue
Improvement Association

Marty Martin
Richmond, VA

Westhampton Citizens

Patricia Merrill, President
Ginger Bacon, Administrator
P.O. Box 8418
Richmond, VA 23226-0418
(804) 833-8139

Westhampton Merchants

Melanie Roupas, President
P.O. Box 18381
Richmond, VA 23226-8381

Neighborhood Association
at Granite, Libbie, Monument,
and Patterson Avenues

Nadja Gutowski, President
5703 Bromley Lane
Richmond, VA 23226-1901
(804) 282-0733

Westhampton Village
Preservation Association

Catherine Whitham
Richmond, VA

Westlake Hills
Neighborhood Association

Alice Albright & Bonnie Duvall
P.O. Box 13128
Richmond, VA 23225-0128
(804) 339-8062

Westmoreland Place

Charles L. Menges, President
P.O. Box 14705
3517 Floyd Avenue
Richmond VA 23221

Westover Gardens
Civic Association

Dr. William Fleming
6842 Westcott Drive
Richmond, VA 23225-4131
(804) 323-9864

Westover Hills
Neighborhood Association

Ashley Hall, President
P.O. Box 13421
Richmond, VA 23225-0421

Westover South and Woods
Civic Association

Kalela Braxton, President
Richmond, VA

Westview Civic Association
David Bush, President
2220 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220-2008
(804) 673-2844

Civic League

Tammy Rose
5414 Stokes Lane
Richmond, VA 23226-2031
(804) 357-9279

Whitcomb Court
Tenants Council

Helen Frye
Richmond, VA
(804) 551-8316

William Byrd Terrace
Civic Association

809 Spottswood Road
Richmond, VA 23220-6620
J.P. Vaughan

Willow Oaks/Clevedon
Civic Association

Katie Hoak, President
2908 Skipton Road
Richmond, VA 23225-1351

Willway Gardens
Civic Association

Holly Shaheen
21 Willway Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226-1333
(804) 218-7654

Civic Association

Lucy Guillot
203 Paxton Road
Richmond, VA 23226

Windsor Farms, Inc.
Jon Morris, President
4211 Dover Road
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 353-4221

Woodland Crossing
Tenant & Civic Association

3445 Walmsley Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23234-2556

Woodland Heights
Civic Association

Dawn Rosenberg, President
P.O. Box 8866
Richmond, VA 23225-0566

2nd Street
Community Garden

(2600 2nd Ave)
Badia Hiwott
Richmond, VA (23222)
(804) 714-5280

31st Street
Community Garden

(801 'N' St)
c/o 31st Street Baptist Church
823 North 31st Street
Richmond, VA 23223-6723
(804) 226-0150

An Access in Food
Community Garden

(1303 Perry St)
Sonia Allen
Richmond, VA (23224)
(804) 252-2858

Broad Rock
Community Garden

(404 East Broad Rock Rd)
Tyrone Cherry
Richmond, VA (23224)
(804) 503-8839

Brookland Park Community Garden and Orchard
Karen Link, Garden and Orchard Coordinator/Garden to Table Project Manager
2901 Woodrow Avenue
Richmond, VA 23232-3708
(804) 592-0107
(804) 362-3708

Byrd Park
Community Garden

(Idlewood Ave @ South Rowland St)
Victoria Campbell
Richmond, VA (23220)
(804) 646-5620

Children's Museum of Richmond
Children's Garden

2626 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220-1904
(804) 474-7062

Chimborazo Playground
Community Garden

(3000 East Grace St)
Rebekah Bajar
Richmond, VA (23223)

Fonticello Food Forest
(2813-A Bainbridge St)
Laney Sullivan and
Jamerson Price
Richmond, VA (23225)
(703) 380-0877

Friends of McDonough
Garden Association

(3300 McDonough St)
Duron Chavis, President
2910 Matisse Lane
Richmond VA 23224-5900
(804) 397-1465
(804) 393-6357

Friends of Owl Orchard
Community Garden

(807 West 44th St)
James McDonald
Richmond, VA (23225)

Friends of Stockton
Community Garden Association

(3911 Stockton St)
Katelyn Schifano, President
3920 Stockton Street
Richmond, VA 23224-3334
(540) 720-7722

Friends of Uptown
Garden Association

(2201 Parkwood Ave)
Marlene Sehen, President
18 North Davis Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220-4402
(804) 678-9111

G. H. Reid Elementary School
Learning Garden &
Green Team Program

Nicole DeAngelis
1301 Whitehead Road
Richmond, VA 23225-7235
(757) 709-4590

Garden Club of Virginia
1 North Morris Street
Richmond, VA 23220-4816
(804) 254-5665

George Wythe High School
Edible School Gardens

Nicole DeAngelis
4314 Crutchfield Street
Richmond, VA 23225-4767
(757) 709-4590

Ginter Park Garden Club
Ginter Park Women's Club
3016 Seminary Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227-4810

Greater Fulton
Children's Garden

c/o The Neighborhood
  Resource Center
Brandon Walton,
  Food Program Director
Alex Little, Garden Coordinator
1519 Williamsburg Road
Richmond, VA 23231-1538
(804) 864-5797

Community Garden

(701 E. Brookland Park Blvd)
Tamara Elmore
Richmond, VA (23222)
(804) 803-3992

Humphrey Calder
Community Garden

(414 North Thompson St)
Kelley Davis
Richmond, VA (23221)
(804) 690-3231

Jefferson Avenue
Community Garden
in UnionHill

(Jefferson Ave @ North 23th St)
Richmond, VA (23223)

Kent-Valentine House
Garden Club

12 East Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23219-2106
(804) 643-4137

The Oxford
Garden Club

Sallie Neblett
c/o Southampton Baptist Church
7521 Comanche Drive
Richmond, VA 23225-1141
(804) 330-9594

Peter Paul Development
Center Childrens's Garden

1708 North 22nd Street
Richmond, VA 23223-4432
(804) 780-1195

Powhatan Hill Park
Community Garden

(5051 Northampton St)
Toni McDougall
Richmond, VA (23231)
(804) 475-4659

Roots of Woodville
Community Garden

(1901 North 28th St)
Mailyn Campbell
Richmond, VA (23223)
(804) 218-2107

Swansboro Baptist Church
Community Garden

Nicole DeAngelis
3801 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23224-1321
(757) 709-4590

The Boxwood
Garden Club

Cathy Lee, President
2 Greenway Lane
Richmond, VA 23226-1630
(804) 784-1299

The John Marshall House
Garden Club

818 East Marshall Street
P.O. Box 1098
Richmond, VA 23218-1098

(804) 648-7998

The Thomas Jefferson
Garden Club

(Polytrauma Rooftop Patio &
Phyllis E. Galanti Arboretum)
Volunteer Services Office
McGuire V.A. Medical Center
1201 Broad Rock Boulevard
Mailstop: 1M-107
Richmond, VA 23249-0001
(804) 675-5135

Three Chopt
Garden Club

Meg Clement
5324 Cary Street Road
Richmond, VA 23226-2201

Urban Farm
(West 9th St @ Bainbridge St)
Claire Sadeghzadeh
Richmond, VA (23224)

Urban Orchard
(1626 North 27th St)
Richmond, VA (23223)

VCU Community Garden
(East side of Jonah L. Larrick Center)
900-901 Turpin Street
Richmond, VA 23298-5038

VCU Healing Garden
(VCU Massey Cancer Center)
VCU Massey Development Office
401 College Street
P.O. Box 980214
Richmond, VA 23298-0214
(804) 828-1450

Visual Arts Center
Community Art Garden

Karen Hull
1812 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220-4520
(804) 353-0094

A. P. Hill Statue
(West Laburnum Avenue @
Hermitage Road)

Richmond, VA (23227)

BridgePark Foundation
901 East Byrd Street
Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23219-4069

Cannon Creek Park
Greenway Bike & Pedestrian Trail
(Richmond-Henrico Turnpike @
Dove Street)

Richmond, VA (23222)
(804) 937-6836
(804) 358-0256

Church Hill
Tree Replanting

Richmond, VA (23223)

Davis Robinson
Tree Median Project

(South Davis Avenue and
South Robinson Street)

Richmond, VA (23221)

Friends of Bandy Field
(Three Chopt Road @
Hanover Avenue)

Richmond, VA (23229)

Friends of Barker Field
Dog Park

(in Byrd Park)
(Shirley Lane @ Park Drive)
(Dogwood Dell South Parking Lot)
Richmond, VA (23221)

Friends of Battery Park
(598 Overbrook Road)
Richmond, VA (23222)
(804) 999-1609

Friends of William Bryan Park
(4800 block of Hermitage Road)

Mailing Address PO Box 15481

Richmond, VA 23227

Email to:

Facebook: Friends of Bryan Park

Instagram: bryan_parkrva

Friends of William Byrd Park
(600 South Boulevard)
Richmond, VA (23221)

Friends of Chimborazo Park
(3200-3500 blocks East Grace Street
at Chimborazo Boulevard)

Richmond, VA (23223)

Friends of Chimborazo

(North 29th and 31st Streets and
East Grace Street)

Richmond, VA (23223)

Friends of Church Hill
Dog Park

(aka. Bark Park)
(below Chimborazo Park)
(Government Road @
East Grace Street)

Richmond, VA (23223)

Friends of Dogwood Dell
(in Byrd Park)
Richmond, VA (23221)

Friends of Fonticello Park
2715 Bainbridge St, 23225

Friends of Forest Hill Park
(Forest Hill Avenue and
West 41st Street)

P.O. Box 13161
Richmond, VA 23225-0161

Friends of Grace Street Park
(East Grace Street @
North 22nd Street)

Richmond, VA (23223)

Friends of the James River

Nancy Fowler, President
P.O. Box 4453
Richmond, VA 23220-8453

Friends of Jefferson Park
(North 21st Street and
East Marshall Street)

Richmond, VA (23223)
(804) 649-3764

Friends of Libby Hill Park
(2801 East Franklin Street)
Richmond, VA (23223)

Friends of Lombardy Park
(North Lombardy Stret @
Park & Hanover Avenues)

Richmond, VA (23220)

Friends of Northside
Dog Park

(end of Forest Lawn Drive)
(behind Henderson Middle School)
Richmond, VA (23227)

Friends of Paradise Park
(100 blocks of North Allen Avenue &
North Vine Street)

Richmond, VA (23220)

Friends of Phideaux Field
Dog Park

(next to Forest Hill Park)
Forest Hill Presbyterian Church
4401 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, VA 23225-3241
(804) 233-4371

Friends of Powhite Park
(Chippenham Parkway @
Jhanke Road)

Richmond, VA (23225)

Friends of Richmond Trails
Richmond, VA

Friends of Scuffletown Park
(lot behind Park Avenue,
Strawberry Street, Stafford Avenue,
and Stuart Avenue)

Richmond, VA (23220)

Friends of Shockoe Hill

(North 4th Street @
Hospital Street, 23219)

Jeffry Burden, President
P.O. Box 8431
Richmond, VA 23226-0431
(804) 426-1355

Friends of Sydney Park
(intersections of Floyd Avenue
North Brunswick Avenue, and
North Morris Street)

Richmond, VA (23220)

Friends of Westwood

(5409 Marian Street)
Jeanette Brown, President
Richmond, VA
(301) 806-6890

Gillies Creek Park

(between Old Nicholson Street,
Government Road, Stony Run Road,
and Williamsburg Avenue)

5102 Montebello Circle
Richmond, VA 23231-3516

James River

Bill Street
4833 Old Main Street
Richmond, VA 23231-3035
(804) 788-8811

James River

Dennis Bussey
Richmond, VA


Norman Burns, Executive Director
1700 Hampton Street
Richmond, VA 23220-6819
(804) 358-7166

Monroe Park

(West Franklin Street at
North Laurel Street, 23220)

P.O. Box 1535
Richmond, VA 23218-1535

Pump House Park

(across East Branch Tuckahoe Creek
in 1700 block Pump House Drive)

Richmond, VA (23221)

Reedy Creek

(Riverside Drive @
West 42nd Street)

Richmond, VA (23225)

Renewal of Life Trust
(African Burial Ground/TransAfrican Gateway)
(804) 363-3282 

Richmond Audubon Society
P.O. Box 26648
Richmond, VA 23261-6648
(804) 257-0813 (leave message)

Richmond Tree Stewards
Louise Seals, President
P.O. Box 27222
Richmond, VA 23261-7222
(804) 389-8798

Trails Advocacy Community

Greg Rollins
P.O. Box 14535
Richmond, VA 23221-0535

Virginia Chapter Sierra Club
Falls of the James Group

Joe Brancoli, Chair
P.O. Box 25201
Richmond, VA 23260-5201
(804) 225-9113