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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Budget and Strategic Planning is to provide corporate, performance informed oversight for the development, analysis, and execution of the City's budgeting and strategic performance management processes as well as grant support in order to balance the needs and resources of the community.


Our Vision

To implement mission-driven, outcome-oriented, and performance based management tools, to include performance informed budgeting, to meet identified outcomes and evaluate success towards achieving City objectives.


Core Values

We add value to our internal and external stakeholders by enhancing awareness and utilization of budget and strategic planning, performance management, and grant resources.  We promote openness and transparency in our operations ensuring that we are accountable for our actions at all times. 


Our Core Values, listed:

  • Integrity

  • Accuracy

  • Knowledge & Experience

  • Accountability

  • Collaborative & Responsive 

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Teamwork


Latest DBSP News: 

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

  • The Mayor's Adopted Annual Fiscal Plan for Fiscal Year 2022 and the Adopted Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Years 2022 - 2026 have been introduced. These documents can be found both below, and on the "Documents" page, under the "Fiscal Year 2022" tab.

First Quarter Reports for Fiscal Year 2022

  • First Quarter Budget status reports for Fiscal Year 2022 have been released.  These documents, which provide revenue and expenditure forecasts as well as updates on performance and completion of CIP projects, can be found under "Reports" on the menu atop the page.

Performance-Based Budgeting

  • The Department of Budget and Strategic Planning is expanding its "Performance-Based Budgeting" initiative in Fiscal Year 2022.  The goal of Performance-Based Budgeting is to improve budget decision-making by focusing funding choices on program results.  For further details, as well as a complete overview of the initiative, please see Section 5 of the Adopted Annual Fiscal Plan for Fiscal Year 2022.


Annual Budget Cycle

January – Budget meetings with departments are held to review departmental requests.  Work sessions are held with the Mayor to discuss issues and make funding decisions regarding both the operating and capital budgets.

February – Work sessions continue with the Mayor as final funding decisions are made.

March – The Mayor presents Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets to the City Council.

April – Public hearings are held on the Proposed Budget.

May – City Council introduces amendments to the Budget and then adopts the amended Budgets.

June – Department of Budget and Strategic Planning (DBSP) completes final revision of budget documents, and issues the Adopted Budget documents. 

July – Beginning of new Fiscal Year.  City departments and agencies initiate the implementation of services, programs, and projects in the adopted budgets.

August – DBSP assists departments with the enhancement of department missions, program goals, and activity performance measures.

September – DBSP issues instructions for the Multi-Year Forecast Process (expenditures and revenues).

October – DBSP finalizes and issues guidelines and instructions for the Operating and Capital Budgets.  CIP Kickoff commences.

November – Operating Budget Kickoff commences.  Departments prepare their budget submissions.  Departmental capital requests are submitted back to budget.

December – Departments continue preparing their operating submissions.  Operating submissions are due back to budget.