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Useful Phone Numbers
  • State OIG: 804-625-3255 / 800-723-1615
  • DSS Fraud hotline: 804-646-5707
  • Permits and Inspections: 804-646-4169
  • Code Enforcement: 804-646-6398
  • Property Inspectors: 804-646-6955

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Inspector General Reports

Report #AreaTitleYear & Month
IG-2020-02CAOViolation of Working Relationships2019-09
IG-2020-01Public UtilitiesTravel Policy Violation2019-09
IG-2019-04Economic DevelopmentGrant2019-03
IG-2019-03Parks, Recreation & Community FacilitiesUse of City Property2019-01
IG-2019-02DPU/DPW/PR&CFAbuse of City Time2018-12
IG-2019-01Social ServicesTheft of City Property2018-10
IG-2018-06Public UtilitiesAbuse of Time2018-06
IG-2018-05Social ServicesAbuse of Authority2018-04
IG-2018-04Public UtilitiesAbuse of Authority2018-02
IG-2018-03Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Abuse of Time2018-02
IG-2018-02FireAbuse of Authority2017-10
IG-2018-01Public UtilitiesAbuse of Authority and Time2017-10
IG-2017-09Public UtilitiesOrganizational Culture Change Program2017-06
IG-2017-08CAO / Public WorksClean City Commission2017-06
IG-2017-07FinanceAbuse of Time2017-03
IG-2017-06Social ServicesAbuse of Authority2017-01
IG-2017-05Social ServicesAbuse of Time2016-11
IG-2017-04FireViolation of City Vehicle Usage2016-10
IG-2017-03Public UtilitiesAbuse of Time2016-09
IG-2017-02aFinanceClarification of Admissions Taxes owed to the City2016-08
IG-2017-02FinanceVendors' Failure to submit Admissions Tax2016-07
IG-2017-01Social ServicesAbuse of Authority2016-07
IG-2016-04CAOMisuse of City Funds2016-03
IG-2016-03Public WorksAbuse of Time2016-01
IG-2016-02Public UtilitiesViolation of City Policies2015-11
IG-2016-01FinanceConflict of Assigned Duties2015-07
IG-2015-05Public UtilitiesViolation of City Vehicle Usage2015-03
IG-2015-04Planning & Development ReviewViolation of City Vehicle Usage2015-02
IG-2015-03Public UtilitiesAbuse of Time2015-01
IG-2015-02Planning and Development ReviewViolation of Adm. Reg. 5.5 Outside Employment2014-12
IG-2015-01Auditor's OfficeAbuse of Sick Leave2014-09
IG-2014-09AssessorProperty Assessment2014-05
IG-2014-08Chief Administrative Office (CAO)Inappropriate Sick Leave Granted to DCAO2014-05
IG-2014-07Social ServicesComputer Purchases for Independent Living2014-04
IG-2014-06Public WorksAbuse of Time and Resources2014-03
IG-2014-05Social ServicesInappropriate Case Closings2014-01
IG-2014-04Social ServicesMisuse of Wal-Mart Gift Cards2013-12
IG-2014-03Social ServicesInvestigation of Waste of Government Funds2013-12
IG-2014-02Department of Public WorksInvestigation of Abuse of Time2013-12
IG-2014-01Commonwealth Attorney’s OfficeInvestigation of Abuse of Time2013-09
IG-2013-07Social ServicesSafety of Children2013-05
IG-2013-06Social ServicesViolation of City Policy2013-03
IG-2013-05Social ServicesViolations of City Policies2013-01
IG-2013-04Social ServicesAdministrative Leave with Pay2012-12
IG-2013-03Economic & Community
Richmond Economic Development Corporation Community Capital Group (REDC)2012-09
IG-2013-02Public WorksAbuse of Time and Resources2012-09
IG-2013-01Public WorksAbuse of City Vehicle2012-09
IG-2012-08AssessorAbuse of Time2012-06
IG-2012-07Social ServicesHiring Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds2012-03
IG-2012-06Social ServicesCode of Ethics Violation2011-12
IG-2012-05Justice ServicesJuvenile Detention Center2011-11
IG-2012-04Planning &
Development Review
Conflict of Interest2011-08
IG-2012-03Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Sam’s Club Purchases2011-08
IG-2012-02Social ServicesUse of Walmart Gift Cards2011-08
IG-2012-01Social ServicesInvestigation of Overpayments2011-08
IG-2011-09Public UtilitiesInvestigation of Abuse of Time2011-04
IG-2011-08Public UtilitiesInvestigation of Abuse of Time2011-04
IG-2011-07Public WorksInvestigation of Abuse of Time2011-04
IG-2011-06Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Cultural Arts Investigation2011-04
IG-2011-05Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Abuse of City Resources2010-11
IG-2011-04Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Pine Camp Reception Desk2010-11
IG-2011-03SchoolsComputer Purchases RPS – II2010-10
IG-2011-02Public WorksInvestigation of Abuse of Time - Traffic Division2010-09
IG-2011-01Animal Care & ControlInvestigation of Abuse of Time2010-09
IG-2010-04SchoolsComputer Purchases by Richmond Public Schools2010-05
IG-2010-03Parks, Recreation &
Community Facilities
Petty Cash Investigation2010-04
IG-2010-02General ServicesParking Contract Review / Overpayments2010-03
IG-2010-01SchoolsInvestigation of a Federal Grant Embezzlement2009-07
IG-2009-03Parking VendorInvestigation of Abuse of Authority
by Contracted Parking Enforcement Service
2009 Archived
IG-2009-02Planning &
Development Review
Permits & Inspections
Investigation of Abuse of Time2009 Archived
IG-2009-01General Services
Print Shop
Investigation of Internet Usage Abuse2009 Archived
IG-2008-02aRBHARBHA Special Investigative Report Attachment2008 Archived
IG-2008-02RBHARBHA Special Investigative Report2008 Archived
IG-2008-01SchoolsIT Center Relocation2008 Archived