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Circuit Court: 

John Marshall Courts Building

400 N. 9th Street, Room 100

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Tel: 804-646-3500

Fax: 804-646-0506


General District Court:

Marsh Manchester Courts Building

920 Hull Street

Richmond, Virginia 23224

Tel: 804-646-8704

Fax: 804-646-8988


Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court:

Oliver W. Hill Courts Building

1600 Oliver Hill Way

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Tel: 804-646-2950

Fax: 804-646-3225


Victim Witness

Tel: 804-646-7665

Fax: 804-646-3610


About Us

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenses that occur within the City of Richmond. Our attorneys and legal staff are located in the three courthouses in the city. Our main office is in the John Marshall Courthouse. We also have offices in the Marsh/Manchester Courthouse, and in the Oliver W. Hill Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courthouse. In addition to providing a voice for the victims of crime, our office supports criminal justice reform policies that seek to prevent criminal behavior, oppose the use of cash bonds for most non-violent offenses, and provide alternatives to incarceration in appropriate cases. Whether you are a crime victim, a witness to a crime, or charged with a crime, the programs or organizations listed on our home page may be of interest to you....