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Capital Project Dashboard

RVA CIP Dashboard

The City of Richmond Capital Project Dashboard is an interactive data and map tool that allows you to explore active capital improvement projects throughout the community. The dashboard serves as a centralized location for capital project information from all city departments and is updated on a quarterly basis.  Projects displayed here have received some amount of funding and are in various phases of planning & design or construction, or have been completed as of the most recent update to the dashboard. 

The dashboard was designed to make capital project information more easily accessible to the community. This tool will help residents stay connected with capital project progress and learn more about projects near their homes, along their commutes and close to their workplaces.

To access the dashboard, please click the link below:

City of Richmond, Virginia - Capital Project Dashboard

  • Capital projects are listed on the left side of the map. 
  • Click on a specific project name to view details, including:
    • A description of the work to be done;
    • Location;
    • Project manager contact information;
    • The current phase of the project (i.e. planning/design, construction, etc.);
    • The estimated completion date for the project.
  • Projects can be separated and viewed by council district.  Under the “Council District” tab in the top right corner, select your district to view its projects.  The project listing on the left side will update to list only those projects.  
    • You can view projects in multiple districts at the same time.  For example, if you wanted to view projects in only the 8th and 9th districts, select only those two districts on the “Council District” tab.  
    • Click “all districts” to return to a citywide view of projects.
    • Note that some project boundaries may cross multiple districts – this is reflected on the map.
  • You can also scroll through the map and click on different shapes to access project details.
  • There are several tools located within the upper right corner of the map that you may also find useful:
    • (From left to right):
      • Search bar - Want to know what projects are planned or under construction in your community? Simply type your address in and take a look! You can click on any of the shapes to find more details.
      • Legend - shows the colors associated with various project types (road improvements, new traffic signals, etc.), as well as council districts.
      • Basemaps - allows you to change the type of map the data is displayed on.

Below is a listing of terminology related to the construction process for capital projects:

  • 30-60-90 Construction Design Process
    • Development of project design plans using a phased approach: 
      • 30% Design Phase: Develop and review basic construction plans.
      • 60% Design Phase: Develop and then review additional plans and drawings; confirm all revisions from the 30% phase were made.
      • 90% Design Phase: Continue development and review of additional plans and drawings; confirm all revisions from the 60% phase were made.
  • Archaeological and Historic Resources Report
    • A study to determine if there are any archaeological or historic built resources within the area that will be affected by the project, and to determine the level of direct and indirect effect on these resources.  This is required when State and/or Federal funding is allocated to a project.
  • City-State Agreement
    • A contract between the City of Richmond and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) outlining each party’s responsibilities in the development of the project.  This is used for transportation projects in which the city has received federal or state funding for the project.
  • Construction Bidding
    • The process in which potential contractors submit offers to the city as a proposal to conduct or manage a particular construction project.
  • Consultant
    • The company hired to help the city oversee the project (development) or construction (delivery) process.
  • Contractor
    • Any person, company, corporation, or partnership having a contract with the City or a using agency thereof.  In terms of capital projects, the contractor would be the company hired by the city to build the project.
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic (H&H) Study
    • The study of movement of water, including the volume and rate of flow as it moves through a watershed, basin, channel, or man-made structure.  H&H studies are completed to ensure structures are sized correctly to handle floodwaters.
  • Right of Way (ROW)
    • The process in which the city gains access to, or purchases, the land needed to complete a project.  
  • Surveying/Geotechnical Research
    • A study to test the soil of the potential construction site, providing recommendations for foundation requirements, excavation stability, drainage and buried concrete design.
  • Utility Relocation
    • An adjustment, construction, or reconstruction of a utility.
  • VDOT Administered Project
    • A project designed and/or constructed by VDOT on behalf of the City.