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The Office of Community Wealth Building 

OCWB Staff 921 - Celebration Church Partner Luncheon


The Office of Community Wealth Building (OCWB) was established by Former Mayor Dwight C. Jones in the spring of 2014 and operated as a first-of-its-kind City office in the nation. In December 2015, City Council enacted Former Mayor Jones’s proposal to establish the Office of Community Wealth Building as a permanent department.

OCWB is the brainchild of the Mayor’s Anti-Poverty Commission and was later developed into the Maggie L. Walker Initiative for Expanding Opportunity and Fighting Poverty. The creation of the Office of Community Wealth Building was one of the central recommendations of the Commission.

The mission of the Office of Community Wealth Building is to facilitate equitable solutions that improve the quality of life and enhance wealth development opportunities for the City of Richmond's most impacted communities.

A thriving community where all residents have equitable access to opportunities that build wealth and well-being throughout their lives.

This year, OCWB combined its implementation of OCWB Vision 2020 and pandemic response for community stability. As previously demonstrated in the Return on Investment and Impact Statements section, the OCWB and its partners have accomplished broader goals with significant community impacts. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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Bridging the Gap

Caritas Furniture Bank


Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA)

Commonwealth Catholic Charities

Dream Academy

Fresh Start Healthcare, LLC

Help Me Help You (HMHY)


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

LBJ Transportation

J & G Workforce

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Office of Minority Business Enterprises

Peter Paul Development Center

Richmond Adult Technical Center

Richmond Public Schools

Re: Work Richmond

The Giving Wall

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg

Urban Hope

Virginia Department of Health



Staff & Maggie L. Walker Initiative Citizens Advisory Board

Staff of the Office of Community Wealth Building:

Caprichia Spellman, Director

Gustarva Boone

Chaya Braxton

Solomon Brown

Lydia Brown

Amy Burrell

Shawanda Clark

Bernadine Doggett

Latoshia Edwards

Kelvin Harris

Sherrilyn Hicks

Quandra Holmes

Thaddeus Huff

Karen Imes

Danielle Johnson

Raphael Johnson

Lerone Joseph






















Jessi Konzen

Saundra Laws

Keith Lewis

Erika Love

Paul Manning

Priscilla Monroe

Tonia Moore

Pamela Newton

Khari Patterson

Lori Payne

Jenee Pearson

Whitney Smith

Suzette Street

Derrick Wadley

Roy Toston

Harvey Williams


































Maggie L. Walker Citizens Advisory Board

The Maggie L. Walker Initiative Citizens Advisory Board was created as an independent citizen body tasked with ongoing monitoring of the city’s progress in implementing the Initiative agenda and related policies. On December 8, 2014, City Council passed ordinance §2014-234-215 formally establishing the Maggie L. Walker Initiative Citizens Advisory Board.

Councilwoman Ellen Robertson, Co-Chair (non-voting)

Shelley Allmond

Eric Brown

Montrell Brown

Avohom Carpenter

Charles Hall

Cordell Hayes, Jr.












Saundra Laws

Aquanetta Scott

Patrice Shelton

Carmen Simon

Caprichia Spellman (non-voting)

















The Legacy of Maggie Lena Walker 

Maggie Lena Walker was born in Richmond, Virginia to enslaved parents and was the first woman to own a bank in the nation. Gifted in accounting and math, Mrs. Walker's first business was an insurance company for women.  She established the Penny Savings bank, which expanded throughout Virginia with more than 50,000 members. The Office of Community Wealth Building honors Maggie Walker's legacy of entrepreneurship, activism, advocacy, and business and civic leadership.

Maggie Walker