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Our Portfolio

The  Office  of  the  Deputy  Chief  Administrative  Officer  (DCAO) for  Human  Services oversees  and  coordinates the direction and focus of City internal departments, offices and programs. In addition, The Office oversees the internal agencies, and ensures program accountability for meeting the health and human service needs of the City of Richmond’s residents and visitors.

The programs, activities and initiatives of The Office of Human Services' agencies protect and safeguard children, families and adults in need and help to build and sustain resilient communities to enhance the quality of life for Richmond residents. The Office of the DCAO works to align implementation and funding strategies across human service departments and non-departmental agencies. Areas of focus for the DCAO HS are fostering upward economic mobility; improving the health, education and well-being indicators for children, youth and emerging young adults through comprehensive social  services;  sporting  and  outdoor  activities;  employment  and  youth  leadership  opportunities; family stability; workforce development; support for vulnerable citizens; and meeting the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. The overarching objective of the office is to align the services and resolve in the portfolio to support a community wealth building framework for the citizens of Richmond.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) for Human Services is to provide executive policy direction and support to its cluster of agencies. The DCAO for Human Services works to align implementation and funding strategies across human service agencies and non-departmental partners. Our focus is on improving the health, education, and well-being of children, youth, families and elders through comprehensive social services, youth employment and leadership opportunities, as well as through our early childhood development initiatives. Family stabilization and the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities are additional areas of focus for our office.


Link to List of Agencies & Offices in the Human Services Portfolio

LeCharn Benton - Management Analyst II - Budget

Patricia Parks - Management Analyst, Information Concierge

Dianne Wilmore - Program Operations Manager - Homeless Services Liaison

Dominic Barrett - Strategic Projects and Grants Advisor

Dionne Lee - Administrative Assistant 


Office of Aging and Disability Services:

NaTasha Houpe - Manager

Toni Y. Beechaum - Program Coordinator

Monika Huddleston - Program Coordinator


Office of Immigrant and Refugee Engagement:

Karla Almendarez-Ramos - Manager

Leticia Cormier - Administrative Liaison

Vacant - Interpreter/Translator

Javier López-Rincón - Interpreter/Translator

Roxana Talavera-Denson - Language Access Coordinator

Vacant - Multicultural Programs Coordinator


Office of Children and Families:

Eva Colen - Manager

Daphne Bolotas - Early Childhood Specialist


Office of Equity and inclusion:

Osita Iroegbu - Manager