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Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper (LQC) is the first phase of the Richmond Connects implementation process. Recognizing that permanent infrastructure and street design changes take a decent amount of time and money, LQC aims to meet the needs raised by Richmonders in a timely manner. The methods used may include things like street art, temporary road closures, and signage. LQC does not aim to replace permanent infrastructure changes in the long term, rather its goal it to improve safety and accessibility in the interim before permanent changes can be made. Details about each ongoing project can be found in the drop down below, as well as spaces to submit comments or questions.


Lighter Quicker Cheaper is an ever-evolving series of projects. While we are working with a current list of projects, that list is able to be changed. One of the ways it can be changed is if our community brings a need or project to our attention. Potential community projects may be submitted through the following form. It is important to note that priority will be given to projects that meet a Richmond Connects Action Plan or Strategic Plan goal. The details about priority ranking can be found on the tier list below. If you are curious about how your plan lines up with the Action Plan and Strategic Plan, the full pdfs of those plans can be found at

A triangle divided into three levels - tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. Each tier has a description next to it of the project type and dollar amount associated with it.

Have an idea for an LQC project? Use the following form to suggest your projects to the Richmond Connects Team. Please keep in mind the selection process highlighted above when considering project scale. 

Design Drawing of the proposed expanded West Broad Street Green from Belmont Ave to Sheppard St along Broad St.

Tell us what you think! Give us your opinion on the pop-up park here!

The West Broad Street Green/Pollinator Park Street closure is the first Lighter Quicker Cheaper project happening under Richmond Connects. It will take place from Wednesday, May 8th, to Wednesday, July 24th, (extended from Wednesday, May 22nd, and then from Wednesday, June 5th) and will involve the closure of Cutshaw Ave from Wayne St to Sheppard St. The project is done in collaboration with the Greater Scotts Addition Association and intends to create a larger space for residents to recreate, as well as to improve pedestrian safety along Broad Street. Join us Saturday, May 11th for a celebration and demonstration of what this park could look like if it was expanded permanently.

The park is open from sunrise until 10 PM.