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Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

This program was a three-year grant from HUD and ended on February 28, 2021. The City of Richmond is no longer accepting applications for this program. If you need assistance with addressing lead paint in your home please contact Susan Hill with the State of Virginia.


Lead Paint Assistance:

The State of Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development was awarded a Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control grant in 2020. If you live in the City Of Richmond or own rental property in the City Of Richmond and want assistance with remediation of lead-based paint in your property please contact Susan Hill at or 804-371-0671.

For Chesterfield County residents please contact the Department of Community Enhancement, or call their community partner Project:HOMES at 804-718-0517.

Information on former City Of Richmond Lead-Based Paint Grant:

The RVA Lead-based Paint Hazard Control Program was a FREE program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to control health hazards caused by lead-based paint in housing built before 1978 where children under 6, or where a pregnant woman may reside.  

This program was administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for the City of Richmond in partnership with the Richmond City Health District (RCHD) Lead-Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative (LSHHI) and the local non-profit, Project:HOMES.  

Homes built before 1978 often have lead-based paint on the interior and exterior surfaces. Deteriorated lead paint and lead paint dust can pose a serious health hazard to children younger than six. Even small amounts of lead dust can poison a child through the child's bloodstream and then can affect brain development and cause a wide range of symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to behavioral problems and anemia. Pregnant women may suffer complications during pregnancy in addition to the adverse prenatal effects on a child's development.

Participation in the Lead-based Paint Hazard Control Program was FREE and was available at no cost to all residential property owners and/or landlords where their tenants meet the program's financial criteria and requirements.

There is no safe level of lead found in the body, so have your child tested today!

The three-year grant assisted 80 housing units into becoming lead-safe.

City Of Richmond contacts:

For information or questions about the City's Lead-based Paint Hazard Control program please contact Housing & Community Development Administrator Daniel Mouer at 804-646-7025 or

To view the Lead-Safe housing registry 7-01-21, click here.