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Please direct all inquiries through RVA 311

Department of Finance
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Yes, the link is on the homepage on the large spinner.

Yes, it is on the Finance webpage.

Yes, the user guide is located on the webpage.

Currently, RVAPay only supports vehicle personal property taxes (VPPT).  Taxpayers can view and download their VPPT bills, see their payment history and pay their motor vehicle tax.

Use the payment center page in the payment portal.

Credit card or check.

Yes, taxpayers can still pay in person via cash, credit card, check or money order.

Yes, RVAPay is set up for personal property tax only.  All other online payments will still be process through invoice cloud.

Yes, partial payments are accepted on RVAPay.

Yes, payment plans can be set up on RVAPay.

No, currently only motor vehicle personal property taxes are available for payment on RVAPay.  All other payments will come online through RVAPay systematically throughout 2024.

All tax types will be forthcoming in the near future.


2.3% for credit cards and $0.95 for electronic checks.

Yes, payments are immediate.


Yes, the download and print options are available through RVAPay.


There will be no changes to any current bill.  All future bills will be generated within RVAPay.


As the City works through the next phases of RVAPay, taxpayers will be notified of each rollout.

NO, invoice cloud will NOT automatically transfer any taxpayers who have paperless billing to RVAPay.  Taxpayers will need to register in RVAPay to set up their account in RVAPay.



Not for motor vehicle personal property, but for all other payments a taxpayer will need to keep their invoice cloud account until all tax payments are migrated to RVAPay.

Currently Phone payments are not available.  The Department of Finance is working to restore this service.

Create a support ticket online or call RVA311.


Create a support ticket or call 804-646-7315.

Yes, RVAPay does not store payment information.