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Byrd Park

600 South Boulevard, Richmond, VA (23220) [West]

Dogwood Dell Event Line: (804)646-DELL

This 287-acre park in Richmond's Near West End is one of the city's most popular. Spread along both sides of The Boulevard and Blanton Avenue starting at the Columbus Statue you will find Fountain Lake, a self-lighted tennis complex for anytime play, and two softball fields. Sunbathing and pedal boat rides at Fountain Lake are popular in the summer, and a full-service concession building at the lakes offers snacks, lunch, restrooms and free Wi-Fi during the summer season.

Further south to the east of Blanton Avenue are Swan Lake, Sheilds Lake, the Round House, which can be used for small meetings, and the Vitacourse, an exercise trail popular year-round. At Swan Lake, as the name implies, you can see plenty of waterfowl, but please don't feed the geese as this encourages unhealthy overpopulation. Urban fishing at any of the lakes is allowed with a state fishing license, and there are two large picnic shelters with outdoor grills on the east side of Sheilds Lake, the southernmost of the park's three lakes. This section of the park, from Fountain Lake to Shields Lake is also filled with sidewalks that crisscross the park and make enjoyable walking, and several open area are frequently used for Frisbee and other games.

At the southern end of Blanton Avenue are various historic statues and memorial monuments, the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater and Ha'Penny Stage, additional picnic shelters, a children's playground, and the popular Barker Field Dog Park.

The Dogwood Dell Amphitheater and Ha'Penny Stage are home to the city's popular Festival of the Arts featuring a variety of free outdoor entertainment throughout the summer months, including the annual Fourth of July Celebration.

The Friends of William Byrd Park offer frequent volunteer activities in the park.

No alcoholic beverages, glass containers or unleashed pets are allowed in city parks.

Except for the tennis complex, the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Park Rules

  • Park hours are from sunrise to sunset
  • Glass is prohibited in city parks
  • No parking on the grass
  • No amplified music without a special permit
  • Dogs are allowed only in the following parks:
    • Barker Field dog park
    • Byrd Park
    • Chimborazoo dog park
    • Forest Hill Park
  • Service dogs are allowed in every park
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in city parks
  • No open fires are allowed outside of park fireplaces and grills
  • No golf or archery is allowed in city parks
  • No tents, stages or other special apparatus is allowed without a permit
  • No cutting of park trees or shrubs in city parks is allowed