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Boards and Commissions Vacancies - Application Deadline March 15, 2022

Would you like to play an active role in the governance of your city? 

Consider applying for appointment to one of the over 50 boards and commissions to which the Richmond City Council makes appointments.

  • All applicants must live and/or work in the City of Richmond, unless otherwise specified.
  • An asterisk (*) next to a vacancy indicates an absolute vacancy or that a member who is eligible for reappointment is not interested in continuing to serve. 
  • Click here to view the list of current vacancies.
  • If you would prefer to download an application and submit it via email, mail or fax, click here.
  • Questions about vacancies and/or qualifications? Contact or (804) 646-7955, option 3.

If you are interested in serving on the Participatory Budgeting Steering Commission, the Clerk's Office is accepting applications for the following vacancies:

  • A person with a disability
  • A resident of public housing

Please reference the Participatory Budgeting tab on the Clerk's boards and commissions webpage located directly underneath the "Boards and Commissions Meeting Calendar" tab to find additional information and the application form.