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City’s Annual Leaf Collection Program for 2023 - 2024 begins October 2

~ Bagged collection begins October 2 and vacuum services starts November 6 ~                  

RICHMOND, Va. – The Richmond Department of Public Works kicks off the city’s annual Leaf Collection Program Monday, October 2. Residents have two collection options for bagged leaves, (1) put out up to 10 bags on their regular trash pick-up day or (2) use the Unlimited Bag Collection Option/Sector Collection system, which coincides with trash collection days, but allows for an unlimited number of bags and an extended collection period. Biodegradable bags are preferred.

  • Sector 1: Wednesday trash collection
    • All bagged leaves will be picked up between November 1 and November 15
  • Sector 2: Thursday trash collection
    • All bagged leaves will be picked up between November 16 and November 25
  • Sector 3: Monday trash collection
    • All bagged leaves will be picked up between November 27 and December 9
  • Sector 4: Tuesday trash collection
    • All bagged leaves will be picked up between December 12 and December 29

Vacuum collection begins Monday, November 6. There is a $30 fee per request for this service. Residents must remove sticks, stones or other objects that may damage equipment and rake leaves to the curb or property line, but not into the street or gutters. The leaves must be ready for collection when the request is made. The service will take place within 15 days of the request. Please note, vacuum service may be delayed during inclement weather.

Requests and payments can be made at or by calling 3-1-1 or by mailing a check/money order to: City Hall, DPW Vacuum Service; 900 East Broad Street, Room 704; Richmond, VA 23219 

A service request ID number is generated for requests made through the RVA311 system, please be sure to include that number on the check or money order.

Lastly, there is an option to do-it-yourself (DIY). Residents can drop off loose leaves or put them in biodegradable bags at the following locations:

  • The East Richmond Road Convenience Center located at 3800 East Richmond Road, or
  • The Maury Street Leaf Drop-Off located at 2900 Maury Street

The Transfer Station located at 3506 North Hopkins Road accepts only bagged leaves.

Additionally, residents can compost or mulch leaves. Compost bins are available for $41.50. Send an email to or call 804-646-8325 for information on ordering a full-size compost bin. 

For more information on leaf collection please visit or for assistance, call 3-1-1.

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The City of Richmond Department of Public Works (DPW) is one of only 195 currently accredited public works agencies in the United States. DPW’s portfolio comprises a wide array of services to include leaf collection; street, sidewalk and alley maintenance; trash collection; recycling; grass cutting;  graffiti removal; parking enforcement; urban forestry; street signs; traffic signals and pavement markings and civil engineering. In addition, DPW maintains upkeep on most city buildings; issues permits for working in the city’s right-of-way; manages the RVA Bike Share program and maintains the fleet of city vehicles. DPW’s operating budget comes from the general fund of the City of Richmond.  For more information about DPW services, click here or call 3-1-1