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Task Force to Reimagine Public Safety publicizes final report

The Task Force to Reimagine Public Safety today publicized its final recommendations to the Stoney administration.
Click here to read the report.
The final recommendations come after the task force met twice monthly for three months. The task force’s three subgroups met weekly throughout that time.
Statement from Mayor Stoney:
“I’m mindful and appreciative of the emphasis the task force placed on equity and restorative justice throughout the process. The report is firmly rooted both in those shared values and an acknowledgement of the difficulty of changemaking on a large, permanent scale. 

“My administration is committed to starting the necessary work to turn these recommendations into the policies, procedures and practices required to make this a safer city for each and every resident.
“Building the long-term, innovative, equitable public safety infrastructure envisioned in this report will take sustained effort, community engagement and education, but I have full faith that this community will come to the table to realize this vision.”
Statement from Chief of Police Gerald Smith:
“Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, do better.” And that’s what Richmond Police wants to be for the residents of Richmond. We want to be better.
“Our recent Advanced GOLD Standard Reaccreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies proves Richmond Police is very good when it comes to consistent policies and management practices and provides accountability through checks and balances on all levels of the agency. However, the input of the task force, the voice of the community, is vital to ensure that our work is implemented in the way our community needs and expects.
“We look forward to thoroughly evaluating these recommendations to enhance current practices and reimagine public safety with the community.”
Statement from DCAO for Human Services Reggie Gordon:
“Over the past several months, I have heard many community members, and members of RPD, state that the best solutions for a way forward require an expansion of the role of human services in public safety. This report aligns with that perspective. I look forward to putting these ideas into action.”