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City selects MGT to perform disparity study

The City of Richmond has selected MGT, a public sector firm that specializes in disparity and availability studies, to perform a disparity study of the city’s programs for minority business enterprises (MBE).

The purpose of the study is to determine whether a significant gap exists between the number of MBEs that are qualified to perform and the number of MBEs engaged by the city or its prime contractors.

Director of the Department of Procurement Services Betty J. Burrell stated, “We embrace the opportunity to work with Office of Minority Business Development and MGT on this important disparity study. Our business model includes continual process improvements; therefore, at the conclusion of the study or as potential challenges are identified during the study process, we welcome recommendations for improvements that could be made to our procurement policies and procedures that would help remove barriers to success for minority firms.”

The study will be based on five years of historical data and will include statistical analysis, empirical evidence, and an assessment of any anecdotal and qualitative evidence of discrimination within the city’s procurement process. MGT will perform the study, and, if a disparity is found to exist, offer analysis on whether the use of only race neutral based measures would be effective or if other remedies should be considered to correct the inequity.

Input from the local community and stakeholders is highly encouraged. The first community meeting is scheduled on April 7, 2022 and details can be found at

MGT will gather qualitative input from businesses during the course of the study. Questions regarding the study should be directed to Vernetta Mitchell, or (813) 321-1400  ext. 2131.

About MGT

MGT is a national public sector management and technology services firm that delivers diverse services and solutions to a wide range of state, local and education clients across the U.S. and abroad. Leveraging a 48-year track record and reputation, our industry subject matter experts’ partner with thousands of public agencies to provide trusted solutions that improve government performance and help communities thrive. 

It is the largest solutions providers of disparity studies and has conducted more unchallenged studies than any other consultant firm in the country. The team has executed more than 230 studies across the country and will aim to provide the city of Richmond with a comprehensive, effective, and legally supportable disparity study.

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