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If you would like Sheriff Antionette V. Irving to attend your event to speak or to be a guest please fill out the event form and state what your requests are. We would like to have at least 30 days advance notice. We look forward to attending your events.


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Community Outreach

RCSO shares the purpose of constructing, organizing and coordinating programs that incorporate the concept of shared responsibility in law enforcement and services within the community. RCSO and the Richmond Police Department (RPD) have positive and collaborative reinforcement in the community, which results from mutual consideration and awareness of each other’s needs. Realizing this, the Community Outreach Division works to establish close ties with the community and respond to these needs.

Are You Okay? Program: RCSO’s “Are You Okay?” Program is designed to support the safety and well-being of senior citizens in our city. Our mission is to help them overcome isolation, abuse, and barriers that often occur when family and support members are not readily available to care for them. Average Number of Participants: 45

Project Lifesavers International: Project Lifesaver was established in April of 1999 as an initiative of the 43rd Search and Rescue Company of the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office. Project Lifesaver’s mission is to use state of the art technology in assisting those who care for individuals with intellectual or developmental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other Related Mental Dysfunction Disorders (ARMD) and individuals that become lost. These individuals with special needs include our most vulnerable population in our community. There are no boundaries – no one is immune!

RCSO deputies place personalized radio transmitters on identified persons with ARMD who may wander away from the safety of their homes. These transmitters assist caregivers and local emergency agencies in locating those who cannot help themselves. Average Number of Participants: 32

PLI Partners:

  • Richmond Police Department
  • Richmond City Council
  • Richmond Fire Department
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
  • Autism Society of Central Virginia
  • Virginia Special Olympics
  • JP Jumpers Foundation