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Office of the City Attorney

City of Richmond

900 E. Broad Street, Suite 400

Richmond, VA 23219 USA

Phone - (804) 646-7940

Process Service

Process may be served at the Office of the City Attorney between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Process for Filing a Claim for Damages Against the City

Any person wishing to make a claim against the City of Richmond for personal injury or property damage must write a letter setting forth the claim and deliver it to the City Attorney within six months of the date of the incident that caused the damage. The letter must be addressed to: 

Laura K. Drewry, City Attorney
900 East Broad Street, Suite 400 
Richmond, VA 23219 

Important Note: State law requires that the letter be received in the office of the official to whom the notice is directed. The notice may be delivered by hand, by any form of United States mail service (including regular, certified, registered or overnight mail), or by commercial delivery service.§ 15.2-209 An email, or an email with a letter attached does not comply with state law.  The letter must provide the following information

  • The date of the incident/accident:
  • The time of the incident/accident;
  • The specific location where the incident/accident occurred;
  • What happened at the time of the incident/accident;
  • The individual involved, if known
  • The nature of the damage, injury or loss being claimed;
  • The estimated costs of the losses (in cases of vehicle damage, provide estimates from the auto body repair shops if possible); 
  • Supporting documents (invoices, reports, pictures, etc.); and
  • Your full name, address and daytime telephone number.

The City will forward the claim to its claims administrator for investigation and evaluation. The City claims administrator may request additional information regarding the claim. Anyone with questions about this process or the status of a specific claim may call the Risk Management Division at 804-646-0107.


NOTE: Filing a claim for damages against the City does not ensure payment. The City investigates each claim for liability and the extent of damages. The City accepts and pays only claims for which it determines it is legally liable.