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John Marshall Courts Building

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General District Court Building:

Marsh Manchester Courts Building

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Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Building:

Oliver W. Hill Courts Building

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Victim Witness Services:

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Dress appropriately or you may be asked to leave the courtroom.

You cannot bring a laptop, tablet, camera, firearm, knife, or other dangerous weapon into any courthouse. All persons will be searched upon entry into the courthouse.

Cell phones are not allowed in any courthouse. The John Marshall Courts building has a bank of lockers where you can safely lock your phone until you leave the courthouse.

Avoid bringing young children with you; they may not be allowed in the courtroom.



(not an exhaustive list)

General Continuance

Deferred Disposition

Community Service


Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court ("Drug Court")

Day Reporting Center ("DRC")

Behavioral Health Docket (JDR Court and Circuit Court)

Mental Health Docket (General District Court)

Restorative Justice (JDR Court)



  1. If your criminal charge or civil offense was withdrawn by our Office (nolle prosequi) or dismissed, you may be able to expunge those records as provided in Virginia Code § 19.2-392.2.  Petitions for Expungement for these nolle prossed or dismissed charges must be filed with the Circuit Court even if the case was not heard in Circuit Court (for example, if your case was originally heard in the General District Courts or in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courthouse).

  2. The current filing fee for a Petition for Expungement is a total of $103.00 ($91.00 plus an additional $12.00 for service of process.)  However, the $91 filing fee will be returned to you if your petition is granted, and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney will waive official service of process saving you the $12 fee for service of process.  Please see the link below for additional details on waiver of service.  For additional information about filing the petition, please contact the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, Civil Division (804-646-6536) located in the John Marshall  Courts Building.

  3. If you were a victim of an identity theft, and someone was charged with using your identifying information, you may also petition to expunge those records.  This type of petition must be filed with the court that handled that specific case, which may not be the Circuit Court.  There are no filing fees for this type of petition for expungement and as noted, our Office will waive official service of process.

Expungement Waiver of Service of Process




(Not an exhaustive list)


Juvenile Justice Process

Daily Planet

GR-ACY (VCU Health)

OAR (re-entry post conviction)

RBHA (Richmond Behavioral Health Authority)


SAARA Center (Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance)

Richmond Justice Center (after conviction)



The following links will allow you to search for an inmate by name:


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Virginia Dept. of Corrections


Federal Bureau of Prisons


U.S. ICE Detainee Locator


VineLink (nation-wide)




For information about VFOIA


If you are the victim of or witness to a crime please contact the Victim Witness Office here