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RVAgreener Highlight: Jeremy

Jeremy photoMeet RVAgreener Jeremy - or as you may be know him, Dr. Hoffman from the Science Museum of Virginia - the gentleman that made us more aware of the urban heat island effect and its impacts to our beloved city.

Jeremy has lived in Scott's Addition for the past five years and has made quite a splash in Richmond. His love for the public green spaces, trail systems, and the way the city "hugs a historic river" was all a part of his decision in making Richmond his new home.

His time at the Science Museum has primarily focused on partnering with local organizations that are committed to addressing disparities throughout the city, including air quality, heat, and carbon emissions. Jeremy has noticed a common trend when asking neighbors how they would like to become more climate-resilient:

"There is almost a unified vision among neighbors to have safe, beautiful, and connected neighborhoods, and this is climate justice. This can be our experience. Yet, there is a hyper-focus on vehicles here in Richmond, when places around the world have realized that bike and pedestrian infrastructure and safety are priorities. People want walkable neighborhoods that have quality homes."

While Richmond can surely tout the Pulse rapid transit line and the Capital Trail, Jeremy acknowledges that transportation is a significant source of our greenhouse gas emissions, so we must extend and expand these amenities to all parts of the city.

In addition to putting Richmond on the map for urban heat island and air quality studies, Jeremy and the Science Museum have also supported the Office of Sustainability by helping develop to the RVAgreen 2050 climate vulnerability and risk assessment and serving on the Environment Working Group. Jeremy shares that one thing he enjoys most about this collaborative is the mutual learning and sharing that takes place, which he also experiences in the courses he teaches as an affiliate faculty at VCU.


Throwing Shade in RVA

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Author: JaVonne Bowles, Office of Sustainability Equity Fellow and RVAgreen 2050 Roundtable Member

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