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If you would like Sheriff Antionette V. Irving to attend your event to speak or to be a guest please fill out the event form and state what your requests are. We would like to have at least 30 days advance notice. We look forward to attending your events.


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Annual Report & Strategic Plan

View the Most Recent Sheriff's Office Annual Reports

The Richmond City Sheriff's Office has released its annual report for 2023. The report can be viewed and downloaded here. AnnualReport2023


The annual report for 2022 can be viewed and downloaded here. 2022 Annual Report

This document requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here


The City of Richmond’s Strategic Plan


The City of Richmond’s Strategic Plan is a cyclical process and is revisited at least annually as part of the annual budget planning process. The plan seeks to align management priorities and the associated performance indicators with budgeting and appropriate resource allocation for the next several years. In addition to the Stoney Administration’s Priority Areas, the Strategic Plan is aligned and nested with the City Council’s Five Critical Focus Areas. It is important to note that strategic planning is always ongoing. Items can change from year to year or as senior leaders’ priorities change.

The detailed plan can be viwed and downloded by clicking on the picture above. The part of the plan related to the Sheriff's Office is Section 2 – Page 364 to Section 2 – Page 387


RCSO Presentation to the City of Richmond 04-27-21

The presentation can be viewed and downloaded here.


You can also do sort and search the Annual Reports Archive in the table below.

Annual Reports Archive

Date Title Type
2021-12-31 2021_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2020-12-31 2020_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2019-12-31 2019_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2018-12-31 2018_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2017-12-31 2017_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2016-12-31 2016_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2015-12-31 2015_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report
2014-12-31 2014_Annual_Report_RCSO.pdf Annual_Report