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Cross-Country SunPedal Cyclist Rides Through Richmond!

Members of the RVAgreen team recently met up with Sushil Reddy, an energy engineer who is on a 6,000+ mile, 90+ day journey across the country on a solar (and human)-powered bike when he came through Richmond. Learn more below and here!

What inspired you to do this?

Being an Energy Engineer by educational background with some work experience in solar energy, I saw that there is a need to raise awareness about the technology and economic aspects of solar energy in India in a unique way for greater adoption of the technology. A solar powered electric bicycle journey across India seemed like a unique way to undertake a campaign to raise awareness by connecting with people and having conversations and that is how the idea of The SunPedal Ride began. 

Are there actions people could take in their everyday lives to help spread the message of sustainability?

People in their everyday lives can start to live in a sustainable way by being conscious of their resource consumption. In terms of energy usage, the concept of AMG - Avoid, Minimize and then Generate (in that order) will help people to realize the usage of resources in their everyday lives. The idea is to differentiate between want and need when it comes to sustainability.

How has your ride around/through Richmond been so far? 

Me and Luis passed through the town of Richmond during the lunch break but we could not visit places. Overall, we found the motorists respectful of the space while biking and we felt safe on the road while biking in Richmond. The ice cream was the best calorie boost!


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