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Felicia Edmonds-Rustin, Clerk of Court
Phone: (804) 646-2942
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Richmond J&DR District Court
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Juvenile Delinquency & Traffic Matters

Pre-Adjudicatory Detention

  • Juveniles charged with criminal offenses may be detained in the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center in the interest of public safety.
  • Detention Hearings are held daily at 11:30 a.m.

Juveniles not detained prior to trial

  • Parents/guardians and the juvenile will be summoned to court for a juvenile pretrial
  • Juvenile pretrials occur every day at 11:00 a.m.
  • The judge pretrials each juvenile one at a time.
  • Rights are read, and the youth and parent fill out forms regarding finances to determine if a court-appointed lawyer is appropriate.
  • This is a court proceeding and appropriate court attire is required.

Important Information
Being charged with an offense as a juvenile may have lasting effects. The assistance of a lawyer may be necessary. A lawyer can answer any questions regarding the court process for juvenile delinquency cases.

Adjudications (Trial) to Disposition (Sentencing)

  • Juvenile delinquency trials are heard Monday - Friday and times and days vary by Judge
  • Serious offenses may not be concluded in the J&DR Court:
    • Virginia Code § 16.1-269.1A allows certain juveniles ages 14 and older to be transferred to the Circuit Court as an adult. Conviction in Circuit Court divests the J&DR court of future jurisdiction.
      • In these situations, a transfer hearing is held in J&DR Court, and if granted, the next stage occurs in Circuit Court. If jurisdiction is retained and transfer is not granted, the case is concluded in J&DR Court.
      • Transfer decisions are appealable within 10 days. (Virginia Code § 16.1-269.4)
  • Virginia Code § 16.1-269.1B and C allows juveniles ages 14 and older charged with certain serious offenses to be certified to the grand jury for trial in the Circuit Court. Conviction in Circuit Court divests the J&DR court of future jurisdiction.
    • In these situations, juveniles can have a preliminary hearing in the J&DR Court, or waive their right to a preliminary hearing and proceed directly to Circuit Court.

Certain traffic offenses may be prepaid in advance of your court date by making payment at the Juvenile Court Clerk's Office or mailing payment to this court. The Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, states that you may enter a written appearance, waiver of court hearing, plea of guilty, and pay fines and costs for those offenses listed in the Uniform Fee Schedule set out in Rule 3B:2 of the Rules of Virginia Supreme Court.

Not all offenses listed on the Uniform Fee Schedule are pre-payable in Juvenile Court. For example, alcohol related offenses, such as drunk in public, open container, and possession of alcohol, are not pre-payable. If you desire to prepay an offense, it is recommended that you contact the Clerk's Office to determine if the offense is pre-payable and the procedures for prepayment.

If you are in doubt as to whether the offense is pre-payable, you should contact the Clerk's Office at (804) 646-2942.

You are responsible for the fines, processing fee and signing the form relating to the written appearance, waiver of Court hearing and plea of guilty. Both the juvenile and the parent/legal guardian must sign the form unless the juvenile is now 18 years old. If the form is mailed to the Clerk's Office, the parent's signature must be notarized.

It is your responsibility to see that payment is processed by the Juvenile Clerk's Office prior to the trial date. The Court will not accept the prepayment unless all procedures are complied with. Failure to do so may result in additional consequences such as higher fees, loss of license, or even arrest.

A partial list of offenses with fines and processing fees can be found under the Related Documents section on this page.