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Emergency Shelters

When conditions warrant, local authorities may instruct you to seek shelter in your home or make available an emergency shelter within the City.  An emergency shelter is an immediate short-term accommodation for persons threatened by or displaced by an incident.  Public emergency shelters provide accommodations for all population groups. They provide a place to sleep, eat, shower, and charge cell phones or medical equipment. 
A number of facilities have been pre-identified to serve as emergency shelters in the City. The type of event and location will determine what emergency shelters will be opened. 
Pets are not permitted within the emergency shelters; however accommodations may be made to transport your pet to the Richmond Animal Care and Control’s pet shelter until you are able to return to your residence 
When possible consider bringing with you:

  • A 30-day supply of all required medications
  • Copy of all prescriptions and their dosage or treatment information
  • All medical equipment and supplies (oxygen tanks, etc.) required to sustain the special needs of an individual for a minimum of two weeks
  • Medical information including the name and phone number of medical provider/doctor, home health agency, copies of your medical insurance and/or Medicare and Medicaid cards
  • Personal information (Identification with photo and current address, Social Security card, insurance papers, emergency contacts and any other valuable papers)
  • Any special dietary needs or food (must be non-perishable)
  • Back-up energy sources for essential medical equipment