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Forms Used in the J&DR Court

Format of Forms

These forms are available as PDF documents and require the free Adobe Acrobat reader. The Acrobat Viewer allows you to read, edit and print PDF documents. Only those forms that can be submitted to the court by a member of the public are available in revisable pdf. Therefore, not all forms listed are available in that format. Note: "Instructions" and "Samples" cannot be edited. However, they can be printed by using the print feature of your Internet browser.

How to Fill Out Revisable PDF Forms

To fill out a form, open the form by clicking on it. All fields within the form that can be edited will be highlighted in grey. Click inside the first field you wish to edit. Some fields only allow one line within that particular field to be edited. Begin typing. Use your "Tab" key to navigate forward through the different fields. Use the "Shift" plus "Tab" keys together to go back. Print the form by using the "Print for Submission to Court" button at the top of the form (rather than by using the print feature of your internet browser). Deliver the printout to the appropriate court.

Form NameRevisable FormForm Instructions
Affidavit -Default Judgment Service Members Civil Relief ActForm DC-418DC-418 Instr.
Affidavit (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act)Form DC-620DC-620 Instr.
Affidavit In Support Of Application For Proceeding In Custody Or Visitation Case Without Payment Of Filing FeesForm DC-606DC-606 Instr.
Certificate of Compliance for Reinstatement of Professional or Other LicenseForm DC-672DC-672 Instr.
Change of Address Form 
Child Support Guidelines WorksheetForm DC-637DC-637 Instr.
Child Support Guidelines Worksheet - Shared CustodyForm DC-640DC-640 Instr.
Child Support Guidelines Worksheet - Split CustodyForm DC-638DC-638 Instr.
Consent For AdoptionForm DC-680DC-680 Instr.
Filing of Foreign Protective OrderForm DC-684DC-684 Instr.
Financial Statement - Eligibility Determination for Indigent Defense ServicesForm DC-333DC-333 Instr.
Information Considered in Child Custody / Visitation ProceedingsForm DC-574DC-674 Instr.
Juvenile Case Appeal / Transfer TransmittalForm DC-575DC-575 Instr.
Motion and Notice and Judgment for ArrearagesForm DC-625DC-625 Instr.
Motion and Notice of Proposed Income Deduction Order for SupportForm DC-617DC-617 Instr.
Motion For Genetic TestingForm DC-623DC-623 Instr.
Motion for Show Cause SummonsForm DC-635DC-635 Instr.
Motion to Amend or Review OrderForm DC-630DC-630 Instr.
Motion and Order for Expungement and Destruction of Juvenile RecordsForm DC-587DC-587 Instr.
Notice of Expungement RightsForm DC-588DC-588 Instr.
Non-Disclosure AddendumForm DC-621DC-621 Instr.
Notice - Administrative Support Decision AppealForm DC-601DC-601 Instr.
Notice of AppealsForm DC-475DC-475 Instr.
Notice of Revocation/Statement of Refusal - Standby GuardianForm DC-506DC-506 Instr.
Performance BondForm DC-660DC-660 Instr.
Petition (ATTORNEY USE ONLY)Form DC-511DC-511 Instr.
Petition and Order for Parental ParticipationForm DC-560DC-560 Instr.
Petition For Court Approval Of Standby GuardianForm DC-503DC-503 Instr.
Petition For Foster Care Review HearingForm DC-554DC-554 Instr.
Petition for Judicial Authorization of AbortionForm DC-502(A) DC-502(A) Instr.
Petition For Permanency Planning HearingForm DC-556DC-556 Instr.
Petition For Protective Order - Family AbuseForm DC-611DC-611Instr.
Petition for Suspension of Professional or Other LicenseForm DC-670DC-670 Instr.
Petition for Support (Civil) Form DC-610DC-610 Instr.
Petition Requesting Authorization for Medical TreatmentForm DC-550DC-550 Instr.
Public Defender Timesheet Form DC-52DC-52 Instr.
Request for Appointment of a Lawyer​Form DC-334DC-334 Instr.
Request For Telephonic Hearing Form 
Request For Confidentiality – CivilForm DC-618DC-618 Instr.
Request for Continuance (DCSE cases ONLY)Form  
Request for Virginia Registration of Child Custody and/or Visitation Determination From Another StateForm DC-582DC-582 Instr.
Request for Virginia Registration of Non-Virginia Support OrderForm DC-685DC-685 Instr.
Respondent's Request for Income Deduction OrderForm DC-615DC-615 Instr.
Subpoena for Witness (Civil) ATTORNEY USEDForm DC-497DC-497 Instr.
Subpoena Duces Tecum (Criminal)Form DC-336DC-336 Instr.
Supplement to Petition for Expedited Enforcement Under Virginia Code § 20-146.29 of the Uniform Child Custody and Enforcement ActForm DC-584DC-584 Instr.
Waiver of JurisdictionForm DC-517DC-517 Instr.
Waiver of Preliminary Hearing and CertificationForm DC-521DC-521 Inst