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Grants Coordination

Grant funds received by the City of Richmond support important programs and services that the City provides to the community. These funds allow the City to extend pre-existing services, introduce new initiatives, gain technological advances, and subsidize programmatic staffing.

Grant funds are dispersed throughout the City and impact a variety of efforts, including homeland security, economic development, social services, public safety, recreation, and infrastructure improvement and maintenance, among others. Because grant funding allows the City to leverage local public funds in order to extend and enhance the services it offers to the community, the impact of grant funding upon the community is significant.

Grant Division staff provides technical assistance to all city departments, agencies, and offices by request. Technical assistance includes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Strategic grant seeking planning
  • Funding availability analysis
  • Proposal development
  • Proposal and application review and editing
  • O & R review and assistance
  • Grant implementation planning
  • Grant administration assistance


It is expected that departments will have gone through the process of project or program development prior to receiving technical grant writing support. Grant staff can assist with the requirements of a fully developed project or program from the standpoint of a competitive grant application, but are not in a position to manufacture a program in order to meet the requirements of an application.

For questions, please contact Terrence Banks, COR Grant Coordinator, at 804-646-3898.