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Phone: (804) 646-7000

Please submit all inquiries using
the City's RVA 311 system

Department of Finance
900 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

About the Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is responsible for the taxation, accounting, disbursement, risk management, as well as debt and investment functions of the City. The Director of Finance is responsible for the offices of the Treasurer and Commissioner of Revenue.


To manage and safeguard the shared capital of the City of Richmond’s citizens, businesses, departments, and partners.


A citizen-focused Finance Department that is streamlined, transparent, and serves as a centralized resource for the City’s many departments, offices, and partner organizations.


  • Maintain and continuously improve bond ratings for the City of Richmond
  • Maximize investment returns within appropriate risk parameters
  • On time completion of the annual audited and monthly unaudited reports
  • Accurate accounting of all funds (general, special, grant, etc.) of the City of Richmond
  • Ensure prompt payments to the City of Richmond's vendors in accordance with code
  • Maximize revenue collections, for both current and delinquent taxes and fees owed to the City
  • To issue accurate assessments and levies in an effective matter
  • To protect and preserve city assets and work force against losses