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Richmond is Host to 2024 Wet Weather Partnership Workshop

Richmond Hosts Wet Weather Partnership Workshop

The City of Richmond is excited to host the 2024 Wet Weather Partnership Annual Workshop for the Wet Weather Wisdom in the River City Program! The Workshop will be April 24 -26, 2024 at the Jefferson Hotel.  The Wet Weather Wisdom in the River City Program will have engaging speakers and presentations with updates on the regulatory, legal, and legislative urban wet weather control updates and groundbreaking smart sewer technology developments. 

As a CSO community and a Wet Weather Partner, the City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities has been working hard to make improvements to its combined sewer system to reduce combined wastewater and stormwater overflows from entering the James River. Such improvements will help keep our waterways clean, which supports the health and safety of our community, our City’s economy, and our way of life. 

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