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Reggie's January Message

Foremost wishes for 2021

Reginald E. Gordon

My foremost desire for 2021 is that we all work together to build a compassionate community in Richmond.

The pandemic has underscored the inequities and perennial challenges faced by some of our neighbors in Richmond who have had to navigate life without ample resources or a stable support system. The government, nonprofits, the faith community, foundations and lone citizens have stepped up to help keep people alive, housed and fed during these past several months of debilitating stress and anxiety.

If there ever were any doubt, it now has become abundantly clear that we definitely need each other in order to survive.

Our collective, urgent task is to build pathways that will afford all citizens the ability to journey from crisis to thriving. We have had some success in this work, but there is more work to do.

We must continue to rally together a legion of like-minded, collaborative, action-oriented people who do not have a need to be praised for their participation, but instead find affirmation in seeing the community’s shared goal come to fruition: Thousands of Richmond people, from new immigrants to longtime residents, rising up the economic ladder to thriving, experiencing the freedom to make their own unique life choices about housing, health care, food, education and opportunities for their children.

We can do this, Richmond. Start with your own family. Make sure they are all stable with housing, food and employment and are on the right track. Then branch out to families in your neighborhood or in your congregation.

Next, offer your resources, time and money to existing agencies, organizations and ministries, believing that their motivation is just as pure as yours.

If you need help finding answers to questions about available resources, visit

New year, new energy. Let’s keep building a compassionate community together.

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