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Department of Finance
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Revenue Administration

Audit & Compliance Unit

The Tax Audit & Compliance Unit is responsible for ensuring tax compliance across all business categories. Different types of audits are performed for varying license categories following a discovery period conducted periodically throughout the year. Further, the Tax Audit & Compliance Division is responsible for both monthly and yearly statutory assessments for unfiled license or tax categories.

Business Unit

The Business Unit is responsible for assessing a number of tax categories related to businesses operating in the City of Richmond. Business Tangible Personal Property, Machinery and Tools, Business Professional Occupational Licenses, Admission, Transient Occupancy, and Meals (ATOM), Bank Franchise, Daily Rentals, and more.

Cash Operations Unit

The Cash Operations Unit oversees the day to day management of the City’s payment processing functions. The unit receives payments via over the counter, mail, online and drop box payments from external and internal customers.

Delinquent Collections Unit

The Delinquent Collections Unit is responsible for collecting outstanding taxes. If needed, payment plans can be arranged. The collection functions include managing the Debt Set-Off (DSO) and the Virginia Registration Withholding (VRW) programs. The unit also handles all bankruptcy inquiries and files timely proof of claims. 

Personal Property Unit

The Personal Property Unit manages Personal Property Tax Relief where applicable, tax assessments, and tax bills for motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and manufactured homes.

Real Estate Unit

The Real Estate Unit is responsible for billing real estate taxes for parcels within the City of Richmond. Additionally, the unit administers the Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities (OAPD) Real Estate Tax Relief Program, which allows Richmond citizens who are 65 years or older or persons with permanent/total disabilities to receive an exemption on the real estate taxes of their primary residence.

Tax Enforcement

The Tax Enforcement Unit handles a myriad of duties in service to the taxpayers and the City of Richmond. This unit ensures the business community is in compliance with the City of Richmond’s license and tax codes.