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Delinquent Collections

The City’s delinquent taxes are managed by the Department of Finance’s Delinquent Collections Unit. Please see below for more information and resources on delinquent collections.  

If you receive a collections notice and do not pay the balance in full, the following actions can occur:

  • Issuing Tax Liens
  • Outsourcing to a Collection Attorney or Agency
  • Civil Law Suits
  • Seizure of Property

Pay Delinquent Taxes Online

Delinquent Collections Programs

Payment Arrangements

Taxpayers may enter a payment arrangement for delinquent taxes of any type. Payment arrangements are customizable and the Delinquent Collections Unit will work with taxpayers to enter into an arrangement that works for both parties.

Features of payment arrangements include:

  • No required down payment for vehicle personal property and real estate taxes and only ten percent down payment requirement for other tax types;
  • Maximum payment arrangement lengths of 72 months;
  • The ability to miss up to one payment without default;

Delinquent taxpayers must stay up to date on current balances for the tax type they are in a payment arrangement for to avoid default. Delinquent taxpayers may only enter into a payment plan for one tax type at a time and may not enter to additional payment arrangements for five years after initiation of a previous payment arrangement. However, there are special exceptions for those who are otherwise qualified for the Elderly and Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief Program.

If you wish to enter into or have questions about a payment arrangements, please contact RVA311 at (804) 646-7000 or click here to submit a request.

Debt Set-Off (DSO)

Taxpayer’s state tax refund or lottery winnings are seized. The charge to the taxpayers $25.00 for City and 4% of the total refund paid to the state.

Virginia Registration Withholding (VRW)

Taxpayer is unable to register and/or renew any vehicles they own with state license tags at DMV. The charge to the taxpayer is $25.00.

If you have a question, comment, or concern regarding City of Richmond delinquent collections,
please contact RVA311 at (804) 646-7000 or click here to submit a request.