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Circuit Court: 

John Marshall Courts Building

400 N. 9th Street, Room 100

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Tel: 804-646-3500

Fax: 804-646-0506


General District Court:

Marsh Manchester Courts Building

920 Hull Street

Richmond, Virginia 23224

Tel: 804-646-8704

Fax: 804-646-8988


Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court:

Oliver W. Hill Courts Building

1600 Oliver Hill Way

Richmond, Virginia 23219

Tel: 804-646-2950

Fax: 804-646-3225


Victim Witness

Tel: 804-646-7665

Fax: 804-646-3610



Appearing in Court:

Dress appropriately or you may be asked to leave the courtroom.

You cannot bring a laptop, tablet, camera, firearm, knife, or other dangerous weapon into any courthouse. All persons will be searched upon entry into the courthouse.

You may bring your cell phone into the courthouse, but it must be turned over at the Sheriff's security desk for safekeeping until you leave the courthouse.

Avoid bringing young children with you; they may not be allowed in the courtroom....


General Information:

Victim/Witness Program

General Continuance Alternative

OAR (re-entry post conviction)


Substance or Alcohol Abuse:

Daily Planet

Richmond Adult Drug Treatment ("Drug Court")

RBHA (Richmond Behavioral Health Authority)


SAARA Center (Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance)

Day Reporting Center ("DRC")

GR-ACY (VCU Health)

Write Your Way Out (VCU)


Mental Health:

Behavioral Health Docket (Circuit Court)

Mental Health Docket (General District Court)

Day Reporting Center ("DRC")

GR-ACY (VCU Health)

Write Your Way Out (VCU)

Daily Planet

RBHA (Richmond Behavioral Health Authority)


Richmond Justice Center (after conviction):

GRACE (Growth through Recovery over Addiction with Counselling to Empower)

Home Electronic Incarceration (HEI)

Misdemeanor Community Service

New Environment Action Team (NEAT)

Weekend Sentence

Work Release

Education/School Release

Community Workforce