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Department Of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for building the Richmond economy.

Our goals are encouraging the long-term growth and development of the City of Richmond and maximizing the city's assets and advantages without compromising the health of its neighborhoods and residents.

DED offers a set of services to businesses interested relocating or expanding in the City of Richmond and sparking growth in strategic commercial corridors and historic neighborhoods. 




Title (Area of Responsibility)

Office Phone #

Email Address

Keisha Birchett

Project Development Manager (Enterprise Zone Program, CARE Program, and Brownfields Program)

(804) 646-3171

George Bolos

Community and Economic Development Analyst (Business Retention & Expansion)

(804) 646-0477

TJ Mahone

Accounting Technician (Budget & Operations)

(804) 646-2468

Leonard Sledge


(804) 646-7576

Betty-Anne Teter

Economic Development Programs Administrator (Business Attraction and Business Retention & Expansion)

(804) 646-1823

Rick Winston

Economic Development Programs Administrator (Loan Programs)

(804) 646-5036