Community Care Unit

The Community Care Unit has several components which include Crime Prevention Education, Partnerships and Volunteerism.

Crime Prevention

The Community Care Unit includes crime prevention officers who develop and implement crime prevention programs that include Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch. The Crime prevention specialists also speak with community groups and businesses about crime prevention topics.

The Richmond Police Department also uses Themed Academies to provide crime prevention education and to raise awareness about various police programs.

The Unit uses Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), site surveys to promote prevention and also uses creative methods such as mock scenarios tailored to the business and residential communities.

  • Auto Theft Awareness
  • Business Watch
  • Computer and Internet Security
  • Crimes Against Business
  • Domestic Violence Help
  • Fraud and Scams
  • Gangs
  • Homicide Support Group
  • Identity Theft
  • National Night Out
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Parents' Guide to Drugs
  • Senior Assistance
  • Virginia Rules Camp
  • Youth Safety


As a strong proponent of Community Policing, the Richmond Police Department recognizes that the success of crime prevention within our community depends on the strength of our partnerships with citizens, community-based organizations and other governmental agencies. That is why the we are committed to developing new relationships and maintaining our current ones. Some of the ways we demonstrate our Community Policing philosophy is through the following partnerships:



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