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Urban Design Committee
900 E. Broad St., Room 510
Richmond, VA 23219
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Secretary: Ray Roakes
Phone: (804) 646-5467

Urban Design Committee

The Urban Design Committee (UDC) is an advisory board to the Planning Commission that reviews development on public property or in the public right-of-way. In their work, the UDC encourages high standards of urban design and an improved community appearance. Additionally, the UDC evaluates and recommends design overlay districts proposed by neighborhood groups.

Regular meetings are scheduled monthly and have published application submission deadlines. Special meetings are scheduled as needed. The regular deadline for filing new applications may be adjusted to accommodate holidays.

To view the agendas and minutes for the Urban Design Committee meetings, please click here.



UDC Meetings UDC Submission Deadlines Anticipated Date of Planning 
Commission Following the UDC 
January 4, 2024 December 14, 2023 January 16, 2024 
February 8, 2024 January 18, 2024 February 20, 2024
March 7, 2024 February 15, 2024 March 19, 2024
April 4, 2024 March 14, 2024 April 16, 2024
May 9, 2024 April 18, 2024 May 21, 2024
June 6, 2024 May 16, 2024 June 18, 2024
July 11, 2024 1 June 13, 2024 July 16, 2024
August 8, 2024 July 18, 2024 August 20, 2024 2
September 5, 2024 August 15, 2024 September 17, 2024
October 10, 2024 September 19, 2024 October 15, 2024 2
November 7, 2024 October 17, 2024 November 19, 2024 2
December 5, 2024 November 14, 2024 December 17, 2024 2

Thursday July 4, 2024 is a City of Richmond Holiday, the regularly scheduled UDC meeting was rescheduled for July 11, 2024.
Dates may be canceled

The Richmond Urban Design Committee (UDC) is an eleven (11) member advisory committee created by City Council in 1968. Its purpose is to advise the City Planning Commission on the design of City projects. The Urban
Design Committee reviews projects for appropriateness in “location, character, and extent” and for consistency with the City’s Master Plan and forwards recommendations to the City Planning Commission.
The Urban Design Committee also advises the Department of Public Works in regards to private encroachments in the public right-of-way.

Regular meetings are scheduled for the Thursday after the first Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the 5th floor conference room of City Hall. Special meetings are scheduled as needed.

For additional information, please contact Ray Roakes at 804-646-6335 or at

The UDC is composed of a registered architect, a representative from the field of static arts, a faculty member from the arts division of a local college, a registered engineer, a business representative, a landscape architect, a member of the Planning Commission, a member of the Commission of Architectural Review, and two citizens at large.

The current members are:

Member Name Affiliation
Luigi Mignardi Landscape Architect
Mitch Danese Commission of Architectural Review Member
Damon Pearson Citizen-at-large
Samuel Young  Planning Commission Member
Keith Van Inwegen  Urban Designer
Timothy Hamnett Arts Faculty
Jessie Gemmer Architect
Amelia Wehunt Engineer
Charles Woodson Citizen-at-large
Justin Doyle  Community Organization/Business Member 
Eva Clarke  Arborist/Urban Forestry 

For more information about the members or their terms, contact the Urban Design Committee.

The purpose of the West of the Boulevard Design Guidelines is to encourage new residential construction which is compatible with the prevailing architectural characteristics found within the West of the Boulevard Historic District. 

In developing these guidelines, the characteristics of the contributing members of the West of the Boulevard Historic District were carefully considered. Through a visual survey, 9 prominent building features which most effectively characterize and define the District were identified. The street facade has the greatest impact on the District, therefore, the guidelines only affect the sides of the building that face the street.

The 9 features are:

Width of Building Front Setback Roof Form 
Building Materials Fenestration First Floor Elevation
Front Door Front Porch Height of Cornice 

More information about the West of the Boulevard Design Overlay District can be found here:

West of the Boulevard Design Guidelines 

The Urban Design Committee, at the request of the City Administration, is the review agency for all banners proposed to be erected in the public rights-of-way. The purpose of the City's Banner Program is to enhance the visual and aesthetic character of the City. Advertising of for-profit commercial operations, political statements, and personal messages will not be considered as acceptable proposals. Each proposal will be reviewed on its own merit.

Banner Application