City Roadway Maintenance Division crews repair potholes all year, even during winter months, in order to keep the roads safe for City residents and visitors. Approximately 22,000 potholes are filled annually.Pothole Repair

During the winter months DPW holds a “Pothole-palooza” in which crews fill as many potholes as they can over the course of a few days. Those repairs, however, are temporary due to the winter weather. Permanent repair work begins in March.


How to Report a Pothole

Residents are encouraged to take action and report all potholes using the city's RVA311 Customer Care system that is available 24 hours a day.  You can also report potholes by call RVA311.Pothole Machine

When winter ends and the temperature rises, our crews step up their pothole repair efforts.  During this accelerated repair period, DPW also conducts more road inspections to ensure all required repairs are identified.  Permanent repairs and improvements are scheduled for the annual paving season which runs from April 1 through the end of October, weather permitting.                                                           

Car Damage Claim

In the event your vehicle is damaged by a pothole you can file a damage claim through the City Attorney’s office.  You can reach that office by calling  (804) 646-7940.   An investigation will be conducted once your claim is filed. The results of that investigation will determine the outcome and resolution of your claim.

How Potholes Form

Pothole Formation













Pothole Repair Process

Repairs Need: 
Dry weather conditions and temperatures above freezing

Step 1: Clear debris (water, gravel or trash) 

Step 2: Fill pothole with liquid asphalt

Step 3: Compact the asphalt with a hand tamper or motorized tamper

Step 4: Level it out and if necessary, repeat steps 2 and 3