Leaf Collection Program 2022 - 2023

 Vacuum Service for the 2022 - 2023 Season Will End - March 13, 2023.


  ~ Vacuum Leaf Collection 2022-2023 ~ All service requests in the system by the March 13 deadline will be honored ~

Press Release with details: City Leaf Collection Program ending soon


Vacuum Leaf Collection 2022



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Download the 2022-2023 Leaf Collection Program Flyer

Image - Leaf collection and disposal is the responsibility of city residents.


Though not a city service, DPW does advocate backyard composting as the most efficient and environmentally sound leaf disposal option. To order a compost bin or get details on composting, call 804-646-8325 or send an email to askpublicworks@rva.gov


  When does the Leaf Collection Program start?


The leaf collection program starts October 4, 2021. The Vacuum Leaf component starts November 1, 2021


  What type of bags should be used?


Preferably biodegradable/compostable plastic bags to keep the leaves and bags out of landfills, though all types of bags will be collected.


  Will the city provide bags for residents?


Periodically there will be bag giveaways, on a first-come first-served basis, in which residents will be given up to five (5) biodegradable plastic bags to promote environmentally responsible leaf disposal; However, outside of those events, residents will be responsible for purchasing bags. Bag distribution locations will be forthcoming.


  How many bags will be collected and when?


Up to 10 bags will be collected on your trash day, weekly; However, there is unlimited bag collection by sector during sector collection dates (see map). On these collection days, residents can place as many bags as they like for pick up.


  Where should residents place bagged leaves for collection?


 Place them near your supercan, or where your normal trash collection is located, even if it's in an alley.


  What if there are so many bags it blocks the alley?


It is unlawful to block the alley, sidewalk or thoroughfare, so be mindful that the number of bags that are put out are in adherence to this law.


  Will elderly or residents with disabilities receive assistance with leaf removal?


Residents who are physically unable to bag their leaves should go to Parks and Recreation Volunteer Initiatives  or contact the city's Neighbor-to-Neighbor team at 804-646-6528 to determine if they qualify for assistance.


  Where can residents dispose of leaves themselves?


  •   East Richmond Landfill at 3800 East Richmond Road, Richmond, VA 23223 
      - Accepts only loose leaves or leaves in biodegradable paper bags  
  •   Maury Street Landfill at 2900 Maury Street, Richmond, VA 23224 
      - Accepts only loose leaves or leaves in biodegradable paper bags 
  •   Transfer Station at 3506 North Hopkins Road, Richmond VA 23224 
      - Accepts ALL bagged leaves


  How do you pay for vacuum collection?


The vacuum collection component of the program starts November 1, 2021. Residents should go to the RVA311.com icon to make a request for vacuum leaf collection. Please note: the $30 payment is per vacuum request. Vacuum service will be scheduled 15 days from the date of the request. Make sure leaves are raked to the curb or property line, but not into the street or gutter. Remove sticks, stones or other objects that may damage equipment. 

  Payment for vacuum collection can be made two ways:     
  1) Request service online with RVA311 or by using the RVA311 mobile app from your mobile device and select your payment option. 

  2) After service request is made, send $30 check* or money order* 
      (made payable to City of Richmond) and mail to: 

      Richmond Department of Public Works 
      Attention: Vacuum Leaf Program 
      900 East Broad Street, Suite 704 
      Richmond, VA 23219 

 *Please include the Service Request ID # on your payment. You will receive this # when requesting service through RVA311