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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

What Are They?

The pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB) is a traffic control device designed to help pedestrians safely cross busy or higher-speed roadways at uncontrolled intersections. The beacon head consists of two red lenses above a single yellow lens. The lenses remain "dark" until a pedestrian desiring to cross the street pushes the call button to activate the beacon. The signal then initiates a yellow to red lighting sequence consisting of steady and flashing lights that directs motorists to slow and come to a stop. The pedestrian signal then flashes a WALK display to the pedestrian. Once the pedestrian has safely crossed, the hybrid beacon again goes dark.



What should I do when I encounter one?

Watch this short video to understand the process for pedestrians and motorists.


Where are they?

The first Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is located at the Grove Avenue at Somerset Avenue intersection.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
                       PHB at Grove Avenue and Somerset Avenue

Will there be more?

The below table shows the list of intersections where PHB's are planned.

Location Location

Belvidere Street at Virginia War Memorial

Leigh Street at Abner Clay Park

Broad Street at 16th Street (installed Nov. 2022)

Main Street at 24th Street (GRTC)

Forest Hill Avenue at Huguenot High School

Main Street at Libby Hill Park / Pear Street

Hull Street at Silverwood

Semmes Avenue at Canoe Run Park

Hull Street at Worsham Way 

Semmes Avenue at Carter Jones Park

Laburnum Avenue at Holton Elementary School

Williamsburg and Stony Run

Forest Hill Ave at Bland St