Project Hope

Homeless Outreach Partnerships Enforcement

A homeless outreach unit that provides referrals and services as part of a long term approach to assist the homeless.

Project Hope Unit



  • Identify homeless encampments and chronic homeless individuals to provide long-term solutions to reduce instances of homelessness.
  • Increase contact and build trust between Richmond Police Department and the homeless community.
  • Create partnerships with homeless service providers in the community.
  • Identify and remove aggressive panhandlers.
  • Partner Richmond Police officers with a licensed clinical social worker from the Department of Social Services to provide effective and compassionate responses to the homeless community in Richmond.
  • Measure accurately the amount and types of crime that is actually committed by the homeless/transient population.
  • Better serve the homeless community by providing intervention during critical situations.
  • Prevent unnecessary incarceration or hospitalization of the homeless.
  • Protect the community from those who are a danger to others as a result of mental illness. Reduce violent crime by providing services to those who are mentally ill and homeless.