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Capital One Diverse Supplier Mentoring Program

The Capital One Diverse Supplier Mentoring Program is designed to accelerate the success of small business owners to create more jobs, strengthen the local economy, and move our society toward a more equitable future. It provides business owners with the tools, resources, and counsel needed to succeed in today’s marketplace by pairing local entrepreneurs with Capital One associates to develop sustainable models that accelerate year over year growth, profitability, and key operating metrics.  

Capital One Mentoring PowerPoint

Who is this for?A business owner picks out fabric with the assistance of a mentor

Business owners that are successful in this program:
● Have been in business at least 2 years and have revenues under $1 million
● Are looking for an accountability partner to help them grow their business
● Take advantage of networking and collaboration opportunities and learn from their peers
● Come to classes, ask questions, and stay engaged
● Are open to fresh perspectives
● Have specific challenges that they would like to address
● Have a willingness and ability to be fully engaged in the classroom, mentorship meetings, and preparation for all activities

We will begin accepting new applications in January 2023.



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Capital One Diverse Supplier Mentoring Program