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OCWB Vision and Model 

OCWB recognizes that economic mobility out of poverty requires a complicated approach to the barriers residents face. Poverty is more than a function of inadequate income but includes intersections of determinants such as employment stability, affordable housing, education, transportation, access to childcare, and other BLISS focus areas. OCWB addresses the intersections between determinants through the five visionary goals of OCWB Vision 2020, Crisis to Thriving Model, and OCWB Ladders to guide our office partners and participants' strategies.


OCWB Vision 2020

OCWB Vision 2020 outlines the goals of the Office in alignment with Richmond’s citywide goals. These departmental goals provide an overall blueprint for all activities and include:                               

  • Transform systems that impact poverty through collective impact, systems coordination, and policy.                                           
  • Provide quality service delivery to Richmond residents.                                                              
  • Improve connection to the community, including in planning and increasing knowledge of resources.                                      
  • Improve Two-Generation Approach provided to families.                                                            
  • Increase opportunities for wealth building provided to people who live or have lived in poverty.    OCWB VISION 2020 Chart


Crisis to Thriving Model 

Crisis to Thriving Model tracks domains/focus areas found in BLISS in the form of a continuum that defines and measures a house- hold’s economic position ranging from “In Crisis” to “Thriving.” The Model incorporates the OCWB Ladders, which provides a visual guide for a household’s progression and economic mobility. Overall, the Model creates a shared vision and definitions of economic progress between OCWB and community partners.