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Greening Your Event

In support of the City of Richmond’s RVAgreen Sustainability Initiative, all special events are encouraged to become as sustainable as possible, i.e. incorporating recycling or other waste reduction activities, promoting eco-efficient transportation, reducing energy and water use, etc. This is not a requirement of your permit application, but we encourage you to take steps to reduce the environmental impacts of your event!

Need Help Greening Your Event?

Apply for Free Recycling Bin.

The City of Richmond Green Events Team supports the work of the City’s RVAgreen Sustainability Initiative. The Team consists primarily of special event organizers and its mission is to encourage event organizers, sponsors and attendees within the City of Richmond to be as “green” as possible through educational awareness, enhanced solid waste reduction efforts and decreasing the overall environmental impacts of events. For technical assistance on these issues, please go to RVA Green Management Services

Additionally, the City’s Green Events Team is encouraging event planners to register their green practices with the state’s Virginia Green program. Virginia Green recognizes tourism facilities and events that have made voluntary commitments to reduce their environmental impacts. To learn more go to: Virginia Green Travel or to register your event as a Virginia Green Event go here.

Free Use of Event Recycling Containers

In partnership with the Clean City Commission and Keep Virginia Beautiful, the City of Richmond Green Events Team offers recycling bins at no cost for use at any special event in Richmond on a first come-first served basis. To request bins for your event, read the Recycling Bin Policy and download the Recycling Bin Application. Make sure to submit the Recycling Bin Application with your Special Event Permit Application!

Free Recycling Resources For Your Event

The City of Richmond Green Events Team created an informative Brochure and Checklist for you to use at your event. Download these resources to encourage recycling at your event today!