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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 

Requesting records

The Richmond Department of Emergency Communications (DEC) provides existing 911 records in accordance with the City of Richmond policy under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to Virginia residents. 

Records availability

The following records are maintained by the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications (DEC):

  • Printed summary and chronology of calls for service from Sept. 11, 2007, to present.
  • Audio recordings of 911 calls and radio traffic for the past 180 days.

The following information is NOT released by DEC:

  • Information that falls under Virginia FOIA general exemptions
  • Information that falls under Virginia FOIA exemptions for 911 records
  • Information that could jeopardize ongoing police, fire or DEC investigations
  • Records for which DEC is not the custodian of records. This includes Richmond Police Department police or crash reports, 911 calls to other agencies, Richmond Police Department records, Richmond Fire Department records, Richmond Ambulance Authority records, records for other City of Richmond departments. To request these records, you would need to contact those organizations directly. Contact information for other City of Richmond FOIA officers is listed here.
  • FOIA requests involving criminal matters or matters under investigation. Direct these requests to the Richmond Police Department's Office of General Counsel. That office may be reached at 804-646-5147 or by email.
  • Pursuant to Virginia Code § 2.2-3706 (B), identifying information of a personal, medical or financial nature will be redacted from records.
  • Records for Henrico County. Public safety records and information for Henrico County are here.
  • Records for Chesterfield County. FOIA information for Chesterfield County is here.

How to request DEC records

In order to locate the record that you are seeking, DEC needs as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name, mailing address of requester and statement of willingness to pay associated costs
  • Exact dates and times of the incident(s)
  • Address of the incident(s)
  • Type of incident(s) and report number(s)
  • Telephone number that the 911 call was placed from (if known)
  • Whether you wish to receive an estimate of costs before the request is completed.

PLEASE NOTE: We can locate records ONLY with the information above. We cannot search by names of individuals involved, officers' names or any other information.

Printed reports and recordings on a CD will be mailed to you, along with your invoice, through the U.S. Postal Service. Printed reports only will be emailed to you, if you provide an email address. 

To file a request, please email the above information to


Requesters are charged for the time and materials needed to fulfill the request via an invoice. Charges do not apply to Virginia governmental agencies.

You will be charged for:

  • Staff time: The hourly rate charged will be based on the hourly rate of pay of the lowest level staff person who could handle the request, which is $25 per hour. Time will be counted for searching, accessing, duplicating and supplying records. It also includes time spent determining whether the information can be released and searching for information that must be redacted.
  • Printed records: 15 cents per printed page
  • CD audio recording: $1 per CD
  • Postage: $1 (if requests are mailed).

If the cost is estimated to be more than $200, you may be required to pay a deposit before records are provided.


You will receive an invoice with your mailed or emailed records. Payment is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment of any balances due will be required before processing any future FOIA requests. Checks should be made payable to "City of Richmond-DEC," include the invoice number, and be mailed to the address for the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications listed on the invoice.

Questions and more information

For more information, please visit the City of Richmond’s FOIA page

For questions on DEC’s FOIA policies and procedures, please contact Tory Maye, deputy director of operations and custodian of record, 804-646-5373.