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City offers real estate tax relief for elderly and disabled residents

The city is accepting applications and recertifications for the Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled program. Existing participants in the program must submit application and recertification documents by March 31, 2022 to remain in the program. New applicants must submit a full application by June 15, 2022.

Participants in the program can apply for tax relief or a tax freeze. Tax relief partially or fully exempts residents from real estate taxes, depending on their income and assets. A tax freeze exempts residents from paying any increase in real estate taxes over the course of the three-year period while in the program.

Tax relief or freeze runs on a three year cycle. Participants in the second and third years must submit their recertification by March 31 annually. When the three year cycle is complete, participants must submit a full application.

If you or a loved one is unsure of whether you should apply, recertify, or reapply call 3-1-1.


Residents are eligible for the program if, as of 2021, they:

  • Are 65 years of age or older or permanently disabled;
  • Own and live in their own home;
  • Have an annual household income less than $60,000;
  • Have owner and spouse assets totaling less than $350,000 (excluding the value of their home and one acre of land); and
  • Are current on their real estate taxes.


All associated forms and instructions are available in Spanish on the Department of Finance webpage.

If you are a caretaker or loved one of an elderly or disabled Richmonder and would like to help them apply, the Department of Finance wants to empower you to do that. You can fill out the Authorized Representative Form, found here, or present your Power of Attorney document to enable you to apply on behalf of an individual.

The City is making an effort to promote this program directly to potentially eligible participants. If you would like to support this effort by hosting an information session, airing an interview, or distributing materials, please contact (804) 646-6015. We’d be honored to have your help.

Other Resources

To learn more about the program, download application and recertification forms, and read a helpful FAQ, visit

Click here to download the program brochure in English and Spanish.