City Of Richmond Police Department
Special Operations Division
Permits Office

Parade Permit Information Sheet

This application is intended to initiate a request for a Parade Permit in the City of Richmond. Please complete the following information on the Parade Permit application to be approved for your event. Before you submit your application to the Richmond Police Permit Office, you will first need to contact the Special Events Office at 804-646-0761 before submitting your request.

  • Parade Permit Application (must be received to the Police Department at least (30) business days prior to the requested date.
  • It will also be the applicant’s responsibility to hire Off-Duty Officers for traffic control for the event if deemed necessary. Please contact the Richmond Off-Duty Office at 646-0445 for further assistance.
  • If you require street closures with this event, the same applies with the street closure application process. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to have the appropriate traffic control devices for the event (road closure signs, traffic cones and no parking signs, etc.) The equipment may be rented from the following traffic companies that are provided on the application form.

Please Note: The Police Department will review the requested route and make the appropriate recommendations to the Chief of Police. Considerations for its approval will be based on its safety and convenience to the public, time of day, expense to the city, etc.

Parade Permit Application