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Critical Incident Stress Management Team

Richmond Police CISM Team
The Richmond Police Department CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) team is made up of members from across the department, sworn and civilian, social services personnel and other support staff members. The education, services and intervention strategies provided by RPD CISM team will assist in returning the emergency worker to duty faster and healthier. Comprised of peers and selected members of the clergy (chaplains) trained in these strategies as well as mental health professionals (MHP) cross trained to emergency service agencies, these teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Mission Statement
The mission of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team is to assist peers with stresses caused by professional and/or personal events and help them continue to be a productive member of the Richmond Police Department.

The Richmond Police Department Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) was established in 2006 to assist emergency service personnel, sworn and civilian, including communications officers who have experienced a critical incident such as line of duty death, death of a child, multiple casualty/fatality scenes or any other incident that may have an effect on their daily functionalities.

Goals of the CISM Team

  • Provide the critical incident stress management and educational support necessary to ensure optimal functioning of Richmond Police Department emergency service workers and their primary support systems.
  • Promote job retention capabilities for emergency services personnel and reduce turnover rates.
  • Enhance the quality of response for persons in Richmond Police Department needing emergency services.
  • Provide a model of interagency cooperation in the Richmond Police Department.
  • Provide a rural model of an organized departmental response to the psychological and emotional needs of emergency services personnel affected by disasters/critical incidents.

A. It shall be mandatory that Peer Support Team members maintain strict confidentiality in matters discussed in peer debriefings, defusing or peer support meetings. Any statement of discussion with Peer Support Team members, while acting in his/her peer support role, shall remain confidential. Members of the Peer Support Team are employees of the Police Department and are bound under certain laws to report the following incidents, if they are divulged. The exceptions to the confidentiality rule are as follows:

  1. There is reason to believe a peer presents a danger to himself/herself or others, e.g. threats or actions toward suicide, homicide, etc.; and,
  2. There is a strong belief that a peer has committed a criminal act.
    NOTE: Employees are to be reminded that Peer Support Members are bound by the Department’s Code of Conduct.

B. The Peer Support Team is not an investigative unit of the Police Department, therefore, it will not be the policy of this Department to interfere with nor question Peer Support Team members or any other participant involved in a Peer Support Team Debriefing or Defusing of a critical incident concerning the content of discussion.

C. The Peer Support Team Coordinator will maintain a confidential record of the types of incidents and the number of defusing and debriefings that are conducted. An annual summary will be prepared by the Peer Support Team Coordinator and submitted to the Chief of Police providing only the types of incidents and the number of defusing and debriefings; names will not be included.

D. All members of the Peer Support Team are required to sign and complete all confidentiality forms before beginning the process of counseling, defusing or debriefing.

Contact Information
Phone: (804) 646-5100 - Police Non-Emergency Number