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Survey Results

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Virtual Meetings Archive

Community Meeting

Virtual Meeting Dates & Times:

Wednesday, August 18th, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of the meeting. 

Held via MS Teams, community members saw the initial results of the survey and had the opportunity to ask questions about the $25.5M upfront payment. 


Virtual Meeting Dates & Times:

Tuesday, May 25th, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting. 

Held via MS Teams, community members learned more about ONE Casino + Resort's offerings and received an overview of the negotiated term sheet.


Process & Precedents

Virtual Meeting Dates & Times:

Tuesday, March 9, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.

Wednesday, March 10, 12 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.

Held via MS Teams, community members learned about 1) the community engagement process and 2) the community benefits a resort casino may provide, how communities have used resort casino revenue, and how a resort casino may mitigate negative impacts.

Proposal Videos

Virtual Meeting Dates & Times:

Tuesday, March 23, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting. 


Live! Casino and Hotel Richmond 

Tuesday, March 30, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.


One Casino + Resort 

Wednesday, March 31, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.


Bally’s Richmond Casino Resort 

Thursday, April 1, 6 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.


Held via MS Teams, community members learned more details about the proposals. 



Virtual Meeting Dates & Times:

Thursday, April 8, 6 P.M.  - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.

Friday, April 9, 12 P.M. - Click here to view a recording of this meeting.


Held via MS Teams, community members learned about how the Evaluation Panel is using the information learned in Round #1.

Learn about the Process

The community engagement process for the Richmond Resort Casino has been outlined in the process diagram and includes opportunities for education, meetings, and feedback. In each stage, community members will have the chance to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and will have the ultimate say at the voter referendum on November 2, 2021. Community members are encouraged to check this page frequently for updates and opportunities. 


The community engagement process consists of five main rounds:


Share & Listen - February 26 – April 6, 2021

Evaluation panel listens to the community. Community has the opportunity to learn about resort casino developments across the nation, receive an overview of the 6 proposals, ask questions about the proposed projects, and answer questions about benefits, revenue, and mitigation.

Report - April 8 – 9, 2021

Evaluation Panel reports what they heard during Round #1. 

Recommend - May – June, 2021

Evaluation panel shares the recommended location, operator, and terms of the deal.

Engage and Inform - June – November, 2021

Continue to engage and inform the community about the details of the proposed resort casino project.

Voter Referendum - November 2, 2021

Voter referendum on the ballot to vote on the resort casino site and operator.


For more information regarding engagement opportunities, view the process diagram

To learn about how the proposed resort casino projects were evaluated, view the evaluation criteria here

Richmond Resort Casino Development

In 2021, Richmond voters will have the opportunity to bring a resort casino to the city. 

Legislation adopted by the Virginia General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Northam earlier this year authorizes the city to host a casino gaming establishment, subject to the residents of Richmond approving a casino referendum. That referendum is anticipated to be on the ballot in November of 2021. The law requires that, prior to requesting the court to order a casino referendum, the city select a preferred resort casino operator and location.

All community meetings and recordings will be linked under the Virtual Meetings section of this page.

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Learn about the proposed project, ONE Casino + Resort:

Richmond Host Community Agreement

Click here to view the Host Community Agreement.

Community Support Agreement

Click here to view the Community Support Agreement.

One Casino + Resort One pager

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Details
  • The proposed location is at Commerce Road and Walmsley Boulevard, on land currently owned by Phillip Morris, USA. The site is located in a primarily industrial area in proximity to the Richmond Marine Terminal. 
  • Urban One is the owner of ONE Casino + Resort and has partnered with Peninsula Pacific Entertainment to manage and operate ONE Casino + Resort. Learn more about the team and project at 
  • ONE Casino + Resort is committed to make responsible gaming an integral part of their daily operations. These responsibilities include the promotion of responsible gaming and the prevention of gaming by individuals that are underage, impaired, or on the exclusion or self-exclusion lists. Every team member across all departments will be trained on the regulations, policies, and procedures during company orientation and retrained annually. ONE Casino + Resort will educate all team members regarding the signs, symptoms, and procedures to be used to identify problem gambling behavior. Team members are trained to recognize the potential behavioral characteristics that indicate a guest may have a gambling problem and provide access to resources to support the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.
  • ONE Casino + Resort is required to provide funding to address problem gaming per the Virginia Casino Act. On top of that, ONE Casino + Resort is required to pay additional funding to address problem gaming per the Host Community Agreement. 
  • The project is estimated to generate over $500 Million in direct, indirect, and induced tax revenues and community benefits to Richmond over the first ten years of operation.
  • The city conservatively estimates that this project will generate $170M + of new General Fund revenue over the first five years, including the upfront cash payment of $26.5M to the city. 
  • 250-Room Hotel with ability to expand to 600 Rooms
  • Resort-Style Spa & Salon Retreat
  • 15 Bars & restaurants featuring the best of Richmond
  • Resort-style garden pool with baja edge
  • 3,000 capacity event center
  • 200 entertainment events annually
  • 55-acre park and green space featuring 35 acres of preserved wetlands, community gardens, miles of bike trails, a one-acre festival lawn with a dedicated space for food trucks, a playground for all ages and abilities, large-breed and small-breed dog parks, fitness trails, and a walk-through arboretum featuring Richmond’s native plant and tree species.
  • TV & Radio Production Studios
  • Rooftop restaurant and bar complete with late-night entertainment
  • Terrace dining
  • Event lawn
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Slot machines offering the latest and most popular slot machines titles
  • Tables games
  • Poker room
  • High-tech sportsbook
  • Cutting-edge gaming technology 

Peninsula Pacific Entertainment currently owns Rosie’s Gaming Emporium through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Colonial Downs Group, LLC, and will also be the Manager of ONE Casino + Resort. How will Peninsula Pacific Entertainment and Urban One ensure that the operations of ONE Casino + Resort and Colonial Downs Group do not conflict with each other? 

  • Urban One is the owner of ONE Casino + Resort and has partnered with Peninsula Pacific Entertainment to manage and operate ONE Casino + Resort.  They are contractually bound to prevent any such conflicts, and the management of ONE Casino + Resort shall be structured to prohibit cross-over responsibilities and conflicts.  Rosie’s Gaming Emporium will continue to operate in the manner it currently operates.

If the referendum fails in November, the city doesn't have any financial obligations to the proposed owner and operator. No city funds are being used to incentivize the opportunity. In fact, state law prohibits localities from spending taxpayer dollars on casino gaming projects. 

To learn more, read sections 4.1 and and 5.2 of the Host Community Agreement. 

Potential Benefits & Costs
  • The casino operator will be solely responsible for all costs associated with designing, building, and opening the casino, included any needed public infrastructure work.
  • No taxpayer dollars will subsidize or incentivize this development.
  • No, in fact, the legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly specifically states that localities are prohibited from spending taxpayer dollars on a resort casino project.
  • Thousands of jobs during construction with 40% union participation goal and commitment to pay prevailing wage on all construction
  • 1,500 permanent jobs
  • $55K average annual salary and benefits
  • Employee profit sharing
  • $15/hour minimum starting rate
  • The resort casino will provide significant new annual revenues, add thousands of good-paying jobs, and boost the city’s entertainment and tourism industry. For more specific insight on potential community benefits, read and respond to the survey, available through December 15.
  • A Joint Legislative Audit and Review Report (JLARC), Gaming in the Commonwealth, found that casinos authorized by the proposed state legislation are projected to generate about $260 million annually in state gaming taxes and have a positive but modest impact on local economies. Richmond’s development was projected to contribute 31% of that total gaming revenue and gaming tax revenue. 
  • The same report noted that a casino development would offer thousands of jobs for Richmonders.
  • 50+ Minority investors
  • 50% Minority participation in jobs
  • 60% Local hiring
  • 40% MBE contract spend
  • Convergence Strategy Group estimates 2.6 million gaming visits annually to a South Richmond casino.  Chmura Economics & Analytics estimates the project will generate nearly $48 million of incremental tourism-related spending outside of the resort and within Richmond annually. View Convergence Strategy Group’s Market Study here

ONE Casino + Resort is a project for Richmond by Richmond and will feature:

  • Local restauranteurs including Mama J’s, Perch, Eat Restaurant Partners, Southern Kitchen, Stella’s, and Richmond Restaurant Groups
  • Local wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries
  • Local Construction team including Hourigan and Team Henry (General Contractors)
  • Local Vendors will have access to ONE Casino + Resort’s Festival Lawn 
  • Works of local artists will be commissioned and included in the decor
  • Local businesses will have the opportunity to participate in the ONE Card rewards program.  The ONE Card allows casino patrons to earn and accumulate points at the property that can be redeemed at local restaurants, local retail outlets, for stays at Richmond hotels, and to go to concerts in the Richmond neighborhoods and communities.

Nature of the Development

  • A resort casino is an establishment consisting of a casino with temporary lodging provided in an on-premises hotel. Customers receive the benefits of both gambling facilities and lodging.
  • Primarily, a resort casino provides a wrap-around hospitality experience for tourists rather than a source of short-term entertainment. A casino resort is just that – a resort that has the added benefit of a casino for those who wish to participate in that form of entertainment.
  • On a technical level, a casino offers more by way of entertainment. In comparison to a gaming emporium, this type of resort casino offers table games, slot machines, and lodging. Gaming emporiums focus on bets-based games, jackpots, and other electronic gaming devices.
  • No, the state legislation clarifies that casino operators answer to the Virginia Lottery Board, the state body that will be ensuring fair practices and protocols for all five potential casinos across the Commonwealth. 
  • However, the city can utilize contractual commitments to ensure the operator delivers on the project it promised. The city anticipates it will only move forward with selecting a preferred casino operator that agrees to enter into a development agreement with terms and conditions deemed acceptable to the city and which may be enforced by the city. 

State Legislation

  • The state legislation authorizes casino gaming in the Commonwealth to be regulated by the Virginia Lottery Board. It allows for the construction of five casinos in the Commonwealth of Virginia in five cities and requires that each locality interested in hosting a casino hold a voter referendum.
  • Further, the bill specifies the requirements for licensure of casino gaming operators and the conduct of casino gaming and imposes criminal and civil penalties for violations of the casino gaming law.
  • The state legislation went into effect July 2020, meaning that as soon as November 2020 localities could begin holding voter referenda on the topic. 
  • The law is clear: before voters decide whether they want a casino in their city, the interested locality must bring an operator to the table. The City of Richmond has chosen to do this through a competitive request for qualifications/proposals because our city deserves the best deal. 

  • The legislation reads that the location of casino gaming establishments shall be limited to eligible host cities that meet specified criteria: the cities of Portsmouth, Richmond, Norfolk, Danville, and Bristol. The bill requires each eligible host city to hold a referendum on the question of whether to allow casino gaming in the city. All localities, with the exception of Richmond, chose a casino operator and held a referendum in 2020.
  • On November 3, 2020, voters in Bristol, Danville, Norfolk and Portsmouth all approved the development of a casino in their respective cities in landslide referenda. Read more here.
  • The development is entirely subject to voters passing the casino referendum. If Richmond voters go to the polls and decide not to approve of the development of a casino, there will be no casino.
  • If City Council selects the ONE Casino + Resort operator and location as the preferred gaming operator and location to include in a referendum, then the voting citizens of Richmond will have the opportunity to vote during the referendum on November 2nd. 

Document Archive

This archive houses all relevant documents and materials related to the Virginia Casino Act and the competitive process taking place in the City of Richmond. The archive will be updated as the process unfolds. 


Community Presentation 8.18.21

Click here to view the presentation shown during the virtual community meeting on August 18th, 2021. 

Host Community Agreement – ONE Casino + Resort

Click here to view the presentation that was featured during the July 6th City Council Organizational Development Committee Meeting.

Richmond Preferred Casino Gaming Operator & Location - ONE Casino + Resort

Click here to view the presentation that was featured during the May 24th City Council meeting.

Market Assessment, Fiscal Impacts & Job Creation of a Richmond Resort Casino

Click here to view an independent assessment of the gaming market for the potential resort casino, as well as its resulting fiscal impacts and job creation.

Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P) Update Presentation

Click here to view the progression of the RFQ/P process as of January 11th, 2021. 

Resort Casino Market Analysis Presentation

Click here to view the Resort Casino RFQ/P market analysis presentation that was presented on March 8th, 2021 at the informal Council Meeting.

Community Update Presentation

Click here to view the Resort Casino Community Update presentation that was featured during the April 8th and April 9th community engagement meetings. 

Bally's Richmond Casino Resort

Click here to view the Bally's Richmond Casino Resort one-pager.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

Click here to view the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino one-pager. 

Live! Casino & Hotel Richmond

Click here to view the Live! Casino & Hotel Richmond one-pager.

One Casino + Resort

Click here to view the One Casino + Resort one-pager.

Pamunkey Tribe Resort & Casino

Click here to view the Pamunkey Tribe Resort & Casino one-pager. 

Wind Creek Richmond

Click here to view the Wind Creek Richmond one-pager. 

Zoning of Proposed Resort Casino Sites

Click here to view the zoning of the proposed Resort Casino sites. 

Future Land Use Designation of Proposed Resort Casino Sites 

Click here to view the Future Land Use Designation of the proposed Resort Casino sites. 

Richmond Circuit Court Order

Click here to view the Richmond Circuit Court Order to place the Resort Casino referendum on the November ballot.

Term Sheet

Click here to view the Term Sheet. 

Richmond Host Community Agreement

Click here to view the Host Community Agreement.

Community Support Agreement

Click here to view the Community Support Agreement. 

Questions and answers submitted in response to the Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P)

To view the questions and answers submitted in response to the casino development and operation RFQ/P, click here

Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P)

To view the Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P), click here. Responses were delivered to Leonard Sledge, Director of Economic Development, per the instructions in the RFQ/P by no later than 3:00 pm EST on February 22, 2021. 

Economic Development Authority (EDA) of the City of Richmond Casino Consultant Solicitation 

On December 30th, 2020, the EDA of the City of Richmond released a solicitation for casino consulting services. The EDA seeks to engage a consulting firm with substantial and particular subject matter expertise related to resorts and casinos/gaming to aid the City of Richmond in navigating the process of requesting qualifications and proposals for a resort casino operator and for choosing a site to locate a resort casino within the city of Richmond. To view the solicitation, click here

Virginia Casino Act

Following two years of deliberation, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation allowing commercial casino gaming in Virginia, subject to voter approval. The bill allows for casinos in five cities including Norfolk, Portsmouth, Danville, Bristol, and Richmond. Review the guidelines, restrictions, and details of the legislation here

ONE Casino + Resort Proposal

To view the ONE Casino + Resort proposal, click here.

Community Survey

The first community engagement opportunity was a survey issued December 1, asking Richmonders what they believe the city should consider in a proposal for a potential resort casino in Richmond. The survey was available both online and in hardcopy form (in English and Spanish) and closed December 14th. The results from the virtual survey are now available and can be viewed here